So how many people find the new rank 9 harder?

Not harder in ability to reach, but most of time when I reached 9 it was far less victories than are needed to be 9 now.

How many other people think this way siince in other thread it appears most people are finding it easier

I’ve only been able to get an extra account as high as 2468, power up lucky legendaries instead of perfect IV, plus no BB. Season 1 main account high 2520. Season 2: 2719. Season 3: 2701. Not any difference saying Rank 9 or saying 2750 as the descriptor. Nominal reward difference b/t Rank 8 and 9. Keep track of your high point and compare with that number.

It’s too soon to say. Rank 9 has always been a joke to me as that’s where I jump in after reaching rank 7 and thus the ratings. It will surely be very time intensive, but I don’t think it’ll be harder. More curious about how hard it’ll be to reach rank 10

On a side note. I kind of feel like lower levelled players are always on the disadvantage on this. The league they can do well in isn’t the one they can gain the most on since the win/lose ratio doesn’t matter that much yet when ratings aren’t there yet. When we are at rank 9, we’re probably near or halfway ultra league already

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