So how would you guys rate Mhxx?

So tell me guys is mhxx good I got her at np2 and would you invest in her…Was aiming at bb but 35 tickets and 90 quarts is good enough.

Main reason I like Mhxx is because of notes I got abby but do you guys think she is worth investing in?

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She’s pretty far from a gameplay priority for most people. If you like her, of course you can use her. She’s just kind of weird and situational.


I’ve been saving up for MHXX since last year and got her to NP2, luckily.

She’s good at what she does, which is being a ST Arts Anti-Foreigner (since they have the Threat to Humanity trait) or even herself (class advantage, at least). People have used her to loop her NP with a Tamamo and Nero Bride/Paracelsus with surprising results for maximum boss-killing.
For a more in-depth discussion, there’s this topic you might want to check out.

The question you’re surely asking yourself is: “is she better at killing Berserkers compared to my other DPS (for example Ozymandias, in my case)?” The answer is most likely, No. I have tons of other options I could use for killing Berserkers in particular. Were it not for her Anti-Trait even Alter Ego servants like Mecha Eli-chan (the welfare) would do better since they have full class advantage (most importantly in terms of defense) against Foreigners.
But I plan on using her (I mean, I leveled her skills to 10/1/10 and is grailed to 90). Particularly, to spite most of my ST DPS Servants, which happen to be Buster.

Also, how can you not use her after hearing her voice lines? She’s one of a kind :fgo_hokusaiwink:


She seems like a pretty middle-of-the road, universal beatstick. Just not particularly remarkable in any one category, but functional. Like most extra classes, she’s not going to be your top pick in most situations, due to lack of class advantage. Could be useful against berserker bosses.


Most people will tell you that she is not that useful and are better ways to tackle the scenarios in wich she might be worth fielding.

If you have a Jalter (Limited SSR) or Merlín (Limited SSR), or Hoku (Limited SSR), or Abby (Limited SSR), or Cú Alter (Limited SSR), or Raikou (Limited SSR), or -insert name- (Limited SSR)…

Sure, for more developed rosters she might and surely be outclassed, but she is a SR and that makes her a far more affordable option for certain scenarios like facing other Foreigners or survive Zerks.


Yeah, much like Abby, the value of Foreigner servants (and indeed, most extra classes) tends to be inversely proportional to your roster’s maturity. They are class-agnostic, and have advantage against Berserkers, which is great for a new player, but it’s kinda redundant when you have ways to deal with such situations, already.

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Yes exactly. I just pointed that out because in her dedicated thread I kep reading that this or that SSR or DPS is better and that’s just kinda unfair to XX.

If you have a better DPS, then she might even never see the light of day. If you are new to the game or lack better options, then her value is far greater and the investment should be lower.

It depends of you roster in the end…


That’s why it always annoys me when I see the question, “is [investment] worth it?” because the question is meaningless without context. How much is “it” worth to you?

I think the people who say there are better options are the ones who can blow away a beserker boss in three turns.

However, if FGO ever throws a berserker who might actually take time to burn down then Foreigners like Abby and MHXX will become far more valuable.

Of course, till a few fights like that occur in JP many people will probably not see the value in such servants.


Gameplay wise? She’s not going to blow you out of the water outside of specific situations.
But as your most tightest sweet female-bro to go eat a bowl of Udon with? Tier S++.
It is for this reason I’ve rolled her to NP5 and am now farming embers to grail her. In between bowls of Udon, of course.




Cheeseman! Where did you come from?




Rated MIA on my support lists.

For the life of me I could not find a MHXX with MLB points for the raids (yes, I was actually trying to optimize point bonus).

I find her performance to be




Well I had my MHXX available on my support list, don’t think she has been too popular though.

She was pretty handy for the Foreigner raids though, she was one-shotting them easily :sunglasses:


Remembers that nonsense Herc in Fuyuki

Would have been nice 3 years ago… level 40 my Saint quartz


Heh, yep, that was a rude awakening!

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As several others have already pointed out. She isn’t much good outside of foreigner/zerker killing niche. You would get the most use out of her in an arts team as @Zero-Ordered-1 said here

Aside from that her animations and voice lines are hella fun


Thank you for tagging me @UBW_Master.

And yes. I’ve expressed most of my thoughts there. If anyone is interested in what people are thinking about her, go read the thread linked above. <- Here for easier access to whoever read this first.

Essentially here are the major things she provides/has.

  • Foreigner Counter: [Anti-Threat to Humanity] puts her above other foreigners in this department and she’s distinguished from Mechas Eli by virtue of being an Arts DPS as opposed to Buster. Survivability will also be better for XX for NP turns where a protect(XX’s skill) is better than defensive class advantage (Eli)

  • True Anti-Berseker Option: The first problem here is that Berserkers are generally open to many strategies and so Foreigners as a class tackle something that wasn’t really ‘a problem’. Regardless of that, this should still be pretty considerable given that there are quite few big Berserker fights coming over in the future Lostbelts (it’s spoiler but I’ve seen some content.) That’s were XX could help out lot.

  • Seamless Fit Into Arts Teams: Given her number of hit counts (not only in her Arts cards, but across her whole deck) she has pretty good NP gain: 3(0.64) = 1.92 (Arts) which is a pretty nicely above the average of a QAABB deck — this is also clear from gameplay. The other thing that helps her is that high hit counts are ideal with CasGil’s Party-Wide Star gen up so she’s optimized for that. And lastly, her skills are a 1-turn deal but* her low cooldowns work well with Tammy’s spamable CD reduction NP. ^Pretty easy to spam her battery (5 turns at max) and Star-bomb (4-turns at max) with that as well as her ATK skill (5 turns at max).

I’m currently testing her out (since yesterday), but that’s what I’ve discussed and found out so far.


Also forgot to mention her pretty nice passives.

The first and third passives specially.

Aside from gameplay remarks:

She’s maxed

Another* maxed Heroine. :fgo_mhx:

Lastly, If you are looking for any kinds of reaXXons to roll for her I also have this Sandwich post. :cat:

(“69” is coincidental. :feh_bklul:)


If I’m looking for it by myself then not that much maybe in 2 years with castoria she will be top tier.
But right now I got Abby.

And like I said I like her because she is a direct reference to notes and I was just wondering is she viable as a good boss killer.