So i cant manage two JP accounts

So as the title of the topic says i cant manage my 2nd jp account so instead of throwing an account with an okay start ill just give it away.

So on the details on this account (since im a bit lazy when it comes to taking screenshots on it but i do remember a decent amount of what the account contains)

Keep it in mind that account is only on orleans singularity wise although it still does have a few more days up for all the start dash campeign Quartz and tickets.

All i ask for you to have this account is to post in this topic the best Nobu art you can find the winner ill announce in about a day from now.

Note:ill just pm you the account code and password once i decide a winner.

Edit:decided to just get screenshots for proof of the account.

Alright thats done have fun looking for Nobu art and remember may our Fiery Warlord always Laugh with us.

Posted this for fun. Don’t know if I want to have two accounts especially on jp when I can’t read it.

partly just posting for fun also; i don’t know if my phone is strong enough/has enough memory left

Hmmm, a japanese account could help me refine my Japanese, sounds like fun

Took, me awhile to go through all my saved images and pick one lol

Well ive given away the account to the winner i hope you enjoy the account and see ya later!