So I finally started a randomized FE7 run

And we’re off to a great start. I completely randomized everything, by the way:

Lyn is a myrmidon starting with 2 str (51% growth, at least) and Kent is Lord (Hector’s class) with no speed growths.

We’ll see if this actually ends up being possible, or if I should maybe tone down the chaos.


Okay, so, looking at my units growths I think this is going to be hell on earth with how wonky they are, so I’m considering starting another run but with less BS growths (good and bad).

I generated the change log so you can see growths, and…it was not convincing.


Another update: and I now have three dancers, including Nils. Nils and Lowen are both bards, while in what is either fitting or extremely ironic depending on how you choose to see it, Lucius is a beautiful dancer.

Also Bartre is a pretty princess (Lyn’s class, but Bartre)


Fun fact, unlike in FEH, units with sing/dance can, in fact, use the skill on each other.

That made levelling Nils to level 7+ a lot easier.

So, new problem. I randomized items as well (placement/location/etc.) which was entertaining until…promotion items were also randomized. I have a single heaven seal and that’s it.

I could have sworn the randomizer said it would leave promotion items where they were, but clearly not.

Hopefully the game can be completed with unpromoted units!