So I finally watched the FGO anime

Finally got around to watching the FGO anime, decided to watch the prologue first, here’s my thoughts on it:

  • It was pretty good for summing up Fuyuki, I think the only thing it skipped was the Cursed Arm fight in order to shorten the time. I remember Herc was an optional fight afterward and I forget whether we fought a rider (I assume the Medusa we fought was the rider form in the game, so I guess the real question is whether we fought a lancer in the game). It’s been a long time since then, so let me know if you remember.
  • I think there were added details we didn’t get in the game (not sure if I just forgot them)? I don’t remember the conversation about Olga being dead in the present allowing her to rayshift or the conversation about her not being able to be a master. Still hope we get an alternate history Olga servant, possibly a pseudo-servant.
  • New servant variations: I like the slight changes for the rider version of Darius (even if we hardly see him) and the adult Lancer Medusa with the regular version of Harpe and the ability to control chains, even if we likely won’t get them in the game (was also pretty crazy that she killed Shinji, likely her former master like that. I’m more partial to the Shinji punch from UBW myself, always funny to see).
  • The battles were pretty decent, though Medusa’s fighting was mostly ‘hit the shield in the same spot over and over’ until Caster showed up and Saber Alter didn’t do too much, but corrupted Emiya and Caster Cu stood out for interesting fighting.
  • Can’t believe Caster Cu doesn’t have an animation update yet. In this he has several good options: the purple rune blast, the rune beneath the enemy’s feet blowing them up, the multiple runes fire blast in front of him he liked using, the melee attacks with a fiery staff, and a great extra attack option with the hand of the Wicker Man smashing an enemy into the ground. Wicker Man update would be pretty nice as well. This man really deserves an update.

Anyway, those are my thoughts so far. Let me know what you thought of the prologue if you want and feel free to discuss what I brought up and the prologue anime in general. I’ll go over my thoughts on Babylonia next once I watch it, probably still in this thread unless there’s one already made for the Babylonia anime.


Okay, started up Babylonia. Figure I’ll go 2 episodes at a time so I don’t forget anything I want to comment on.

Episode 0:

  • I think this was a good way of showing Mash’s history at Chaldea, they even used this to show the A team and show a bit of Romani and Marisbury’s stories to set up the next stage of the story after Babylonia.
  • While there was a recap of sorts, it was an emotional-style recap showing Mash’s progress through the singularities, which was good, but is most effective if someone has experienced the story leading up to this moment, making it not very friendly for anime-only folks to watch.
  • The sequence did help me remember when the most important plot points were, seems the main chapters that would need to be adapted to cover the big plot points is Septem (yes, I know this is the worst one, but this was where Lev showed up and was taken out, so without this the viewers would have no idea what happened to him since he seemed to be the main antagonist in the prologue even if he wasn’t), London (the appearance of the real main antagonist of the arc, this is important contextually for the story), and Camelot (which is being adapted already, important due to Mash’s learning of her true name). That leaves Orleans, Okeanos and America as not having major story arc plot points (at least that I can remember based on the recap). At that point they might as well adapt those too. Several of the earlier ones could be turned into hour-long adaptations like the prologue due to the simple/short story (Orleans and Septem, maybe Okeanos), whereas the others could be shortened but would probably lose some quality (London, America maybe Okeanos).

What are your thoughts on adapting the other chapters? Would you prefer a short recap covering the basics of each and the arc plot points, or an adaptation of only the chapters that contain major plot points, or an adaptation of each singularity with length/priority depending on the quality of the storytelling? Anyway, those are my episode 0 thoughts, please discuss, I’m curious on what others think of adapting the other chapters.

Episode 1:

  • I liked that teaser at the start, left ambiguous so an unaware viewer wouldn’t know if that’s happening before the events of the anime or briefly showing a future event. Good set up for the Enkidu reveal that will happen later.
  • Was odd seeing the monsters’ corpses, used to them turning into dust. Not saying it doesn’t make sense, just taking note of it as something that they can do in anime adaptation that they didn’t do in the game.
  • Fighting is pretty good so far, even with Ishtar’s meme flip kick. I expect good things moving forward.

Minor complaints:

  • Ishtar’s English voice seemed a bit weird to me, I’ll have to get used to it.
  • A lot of butt shots in the FGO anime series so far, did they get the idea from Bradamante?
  • Animation seemed a little odd at times, I guess I’d describe it as lingering in moments with lack of detail, perhaps it feels that way due to typically seeing that sort of minimized detail in fast animation sequences like in some Apocrypha fights and Naruto/Naruto Shippuden to give a few examples.

And those are my thoughts on episode 1, as usual, feel free to discuss any of the points if you want to, otherwise I’ll just keep going when I watch some more.


I can’t watch Babylonia. The difference in media really exposes just how garbage of a character Ritsuka is. He has no personality, no character development, no depth, no internal conflicts, consistently fails to drive the plot forward (events happen to him, not because of him), and just the least interesting relationships with everyone else possible (because it’s all pretty much unearned adoration).

I have issues with the master character in game but for the most part they are something of a background character with the servants being the focus. Gudoa cannot carry the series as the protagonist. It’s not unexpected, this is what happens when you are forced to make a blank slate player insert into a main character but it is disappointing. I wish they had taken a bit more artistic license to give us a decent protagonist.


Well, there’s no reason they couldn’t take creative liberties and adjust his character/give him a more active role. They swapped the servants in Fuyuki, they can make more changes if they want. I haven’t seen much yet, so I’m not in a position to comment on his character (plus it’s the seventh singularity, so they skipped a lot of potential character development they could add later in Camelot and any other chapters they decide to adapt if they choose to). They could even make Septem better if they wanted to (we can only hope).

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this and it seeming to stick too close to material, instead of adapting in a way to better fit the medium are probably the biggest problems I had before dropping

also, the ass shots got to the point of being obnoxious. I’ve absolutely no problem with titillating fanservice, but babylonia ended up feeling very tryhard desperate with it as a result of how invasive it was

then I saw

cgi tiamat

and whew, can’t say I’m sad I dodged that bullet


my biggest hope for the camelot films is that like the teasers seem to imply, it’s gonna be framed as first and foremost bedivere’s story. with guda just being a cog to help move said story along to this end


Yeah, that would be nice. Bedivere is the center of that story, so it’s a good opportunity to pass to protagonist torch off to him rather than relying on Mash/Ritsuka to hold that role in every singularity. I’d say it’s still doable having those as the main characters because each singularity you have other characters you can shift focus to and/or have the main two interact with. I mean, that’s largely what got most FGO players to like certain servants, so I would expect the anime to incorporate that. Even in the game the protagonist isn’t exactly blank-slate, you have set dialogue options, some of which are quite funny or interesting. If they can adapt that into the servant interactions I could see the protagonist at least be a funny background character. I’ll see how they do in Babylonia and get back to you on the character stuff.


I just want the female protagonist already


The anime is ok imo, but the pacing have been all over the places these last few episodes


btw, if you already finished arc 2 prologue, and assuming you haven’t watched it already, you should go ahead and watch moonlight/lostroom as well. imo, before the first lostbelt drops, likely sometime shortly after the upcoming chaldea broadcasting station na stream

unlike everything else, it isn’t an adaption, so there’s no point in watching in a manner such as that. also, guda gets some quite good development in it, imo, compared to his portrayal in babylonia anime

this is why the stage plays are the superior adaption

(plus the eor manga that don’t exclusively just focus on the male guda for each pseudo-singularity)


Ritsuka in episode 17&18: able to direct his servants well. Fight brilliantly in mid air, support his servant with magical energy at just the right moment.
Ritsuka in other episodes:
Ko lei no, jinlei no kakugo daaaaa!

We should start a petition to make Sieg the next protagonist! :smile::smile:

All kidding aside, it is pretty annoying that all they have the male MC do is be harem-bait so the female servants have an excuse to do butt-shots for the camera.

I wonder if the female MC will have the same problem, where all the male servants flash their abs at her to get her attention? :thinking:

But who are we kidding, they’d probably turn the show into a yuri doujin instead if they use the female MC.

To pick up an earlier point, Caster Cu was so wronged in FGO.

He kicks tremendous ass in the anime and remains hot garbage in the game (even if he were a 5*, that kit would continue to make very little sense and lack synergy).

I’d prefer to see a 5* Caster incarnation with updated artwork and animations and a more appropriate kit. Incorporate the Wicker Man into a Buster card animation and give him the Gate spell he used to trap Emiya as his NP. Quick AoE Caster looper please.

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It was honestly a welcome surprise to see Fujimaru like that.
I mean, I literally had zero expectations about him, so there’s that.

All in all the Babylonia anime has been… solid overall.
I’m still annoyed that Ufotable did not animate it, the breaks have been bothersome as Hell and the last episodes carried a lot of mixed feelings.
I doubt I could have been satisfied anyway, as I absolutely loved the Seventh Singularity in game, but this adaptation still has its moments.

Even if he doesn’t loop a Quick Caster would be nice (until you remember Casters have bad modifiers and then Quick cards have bad modifiers)

I still want the option though.

Quick NPs are actually a tiny bit stronger because they over-correct for the card ATK demerit.

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Yeah, but in my mind a Quick-based Caster would have a QQAAB deck with the QNP and the command cards that are Quick would have terrible, terrible damage.

I’m still of the opinion that making an alternate version of a character in the game in order to fix them is a bad idea since that’ll just leave certain characters ignored by the developers and fans.

I think 3 star is okay for him, considering his regular lancer form he prefers is also 3 star (deserves to be 4 star, but this makes him more accessible). Just need to buff him a bit and fix up his animations. The Gate spell doesn’t seem to be offensive though, it’s more of a weaker budget version of Achilles’ NP that lets him fight in close quarters, something Cu’s Caster form is good at, but not as good as his lancer form.

We wouldn’t care much about their deck that much if they were a DSS looper. Otherwise, yes, ghetto Caster and Assassin modifiers are ghetto.

Still fix up his 3*, but no matter how much we polish that turd, it won’t turn into a diamond.

He deserves a 5* incarnation in the theme of his Fuyuki version.

Also, you’re being overly literal again. Smacks with a rolled-up newspaper Enjoy the art of hand waving, because the entire franchise does. It’s not a stretch to reimagine it since we saw it used exactly once.

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