So I finaly got around to beating Dimitri's path in 3H and kinda sad

I wanted to finish the final boss off with Dimitri but he wasn’t going to do enough damage and I had already used my dancer on him already, so I had Lyisthea attack since it sad she wasn’t going to kill… and of course Lysithea crits and kill’s… oh well time for redemption of my first run and actually do Edelgard’s path


How I defeated with the Gambit Retribution (Or divine retibution) Which gives temporary DC. (It doesn’t work on the very long range attack.) I had Annette and Dimitri sit there being healed. It was quite fun to do that. I don’t think I used Retribution in any new game plus for whatever reason. The final boss is quite a pain when doing a solo run though (psuedosolo Dimitri run I did. He ended with ~70 charm. I could of made it even higher if I had an amiibo.)

My Byleth could have beaten it solo, my Berni probably could have cheezed it also since she was an absolute monster with 69 Hp, 53 Atk almost 60 Dex over 50 Spd over 50 maybe 60 Luck with her and Claude’s Relic weapon

Edit: OK I went a little over board with her luck and Spd stats

Her final Stats


I’m looking at her Atk growth and it is only 35. And the sniper class only increases it by 5. How?

My Dimitri on the solo run

Dimitri has the highest Atk growth at 60 +5 for high lord,+10 for Great lord, I believe I also went to warrior and wyvern lord for a while for +15 and your Bernadetta is around only 10 less (I don’t know how much of a buff that is.)

Ignore the skills I forgot to change them for the final battle and just rolled with it. He also has the March ring so that is why he be movin’.

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Lots of Str increasing items lol had a shit ton saved up since I hardly never use them and fed every one to her near the end for my girl Berni I mean only makes sense since I did marry her in this run


But I used all my star increasing items on Dimitri. Did you grow most of them or did you use an amiibo?

I had around 10 +1 and I think 2 or 3 +2 with the +3 from the free dlc item pack… I also got very lucky on some of her lvl ups getting +Atk 3 lvls in a row


You were really close to capping it. Bernadetta’s str cap is 51 +1 for sniper.

Yah… for my Edelgard path… as annoying as it is… really wanna try to get at least my main units to lvl 99

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Is that possible?

I mean it is other wise the max lvl wouldn’t be 99… it would take a shit ton of grinding but yah it is

I say that because of the limited amount of resources. The experience will stale, and run out of days before you can get that high I think. Dimitri killed the final boss and only got ~5% of a level. Also that path is by far the shortest in terms of months.

Have fun with Edelgard’s path! It’s not the best imho but at least its not the Church route :nauseated_face:


I have all 4 statues full upgraded, and theirs free battles that takes no battle points, and you can retire a fight go back to the start of the fight and keep all your exp also this is how much grinding I have done to show really blurry tho

I also have 1m gold on my person with all this bullion

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I’m guessing there are grinding DLC maps. I have yet to get them so I didn’t know.

I mean I play on the lowest difficulty because I like to completely destroy my foes while being over lvled and on the lowest difficulty theirs free battles, I’m not sure about on normal tho

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Maybe I will do that at some point. But I’ve done it on many games before and it just makes me go to sleep after a while. I did create a Conrad in Echoes that had maxed stats, including res.

My second playthrough of echoes I only used the bios that can loop to dread fighter back to villager until I got 2 of the Star pendants or what ever they are called to increase you growths by 20% or something like that for each Stat, then lol grinded in the experience dlc maps to max dlc class lvl for every unit… tho I never hit max res for anyone

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I did it with Conrad because he has the highest res growth of 8. Combined with the star Janith I think it’s called it becomes 13. Still very tiny.