So I gave my Fallen M!Corrin Bonus Doubler. Rip Caspar

It’s one hell of a drug.

Adrift male Corrin is probably crying in a corner somewhere.


Bonus Doubler is pretty fun to mess around with in PvE sometimes :fgo_buster:


Yup, I love quad bonus doubler L!Marth :feh_marththink:


I summoned a Caspar for if I ever decide to merge OG Eirika 1 day.

Bonus Doubler alongside a Tactics team with Ashera might be pretty fun to try out. :feh_eirikathink:


Fixed that for you


Yep. I also gave him to my Fallen Ike as well, it seems I got pretty lucky with the 4 star special this time, and it’s also amazing he came with some unique fodder, so it all worked out! I of course kept one of the Caspars just for my collection, but I wanna get more because I’m sure there’s more units I could have fun with. Gen 1 units, or units that are basically a big ball of stats like my Corrin here are probably the best users of it because it helps out the gen 1 units, and makes those big ball of stat type units an even bigger ball of stats so harder to kill with buffs. Just make sure to watch out for Panic. I was able to summon who I wanted off this banner already being Duo Hilda, but I want a second one so she’ll be at +1, so in the meantime, green is gonna be my secondary color to go for if no colorless show up for me to get some more of that fun Bonus Doubler. Once again I’ll restate: Rip Caspar. Heh!


I used it on mine a lot back when I first got him, and it and Darting Breath were his most used A slots until Atk/Res Unity came along :feh_reinyes:

I wanted to free summon Caspar on this banner to give a fish away, but that didn’t happen unfortunately. And as for Bonus Doubler, I got a bunch of L!Roy pitybreaks from trying to +10 a different legendary so I’m covered on that :catpat:

Also, congrats on the duo Hilda :feh_marismile: