So I got and tried out Summer Kama

…hoooooooly shit is she broken. I honestly think she’s the second coming of Arjuna Alter. Even if she has problems with class advantage, on a good team (especially double Castoria) she can mop the floor with most enemy waves. The key thing, though is that she does extra damage with her NP to charmed enemies, and she can charm them with her second skill. This is pretty close to Arjuna Alter’s gimmick. With how close it is to the end of the year, I’d say she’s the top tier servant for Arts Looping strats.

What do you guys think?


She’s still worst than her big avenger sister.

And the second coming of AA? lol no. She can only charm once every seven turns. Outside farming that isn’t good at all.


Her potential to ramp up Power Mod in a face card situation like a CQ is significant.

Spishtar is a simpler straight-up farmer, but Summer Kama is still fairly simple to use, powerful, and saves you some time in repetitive farming with her shorter NP.

We’ve covered a lot of this in the Summer Kama thread.


Have you tried her out without the event bonus?

This is true. Here is a link:


In ember farming, yeah. Then again, it maybe due to my setup and less so to attributes on her own.

You’re saying she’s the second coming of AA cause you used her in ember farming??


Eh, I wouldnt use ember farming as a metric for… anything really. Its mad easy.


Well, I’ll at least admit that’s poor wording on my part. More accurately, I’d say she has a similar gimmick to him in that she’s more effective to enemies with a debuff that she can provide.

Yeah, this is a bit of an impulse post, sorry guys. Had a bit to drink and made a judgment way too early. On my part at least, I’m going to try her out on more teams before I give my full impression of her.


You’re right about that, and it’s worth noting.

Where she falls a bit short to AA is that she (of course) is not a Berserker with nearly universal class advantage; needs to apply her face cards to stack her Power Mod; and has the Super Effective damage bonus on her NP tied to a 1T-duration status effect that she can apply herself, but with a long cooldown.

Under ideal conditions her damage is wonderful, but getting those conditions to coincide ideally won’t always be easy. Comparing her directly to Space Ishtar is probably better since they’re both Avengers without star gather skills and are both top farmers in the Arts category. In my mind (pretty much as stated in the other thread), Summer Kama would be the pick for anything not purely farming, and I would also pick her for any farming where either she or Spishtar would work since I like Summer Kama better, and her NP is noticeably faster.


I lucksacked into np3 in 150ish quartz and np3 gets to 93ish℅ on all normal np gain mobs (excluding assassins, castors, berzerkers) on a non MLB black grail and max damaged was around 150k. So 2k4 is needed for her IMO.

But that was probably mentioned in her thread I guess…


I used Kama with BG + DCS and she refunding just fine, on Zerker node I need a plugsuit tho


I used her outside the event for quite a bit now so I can safely say that you can make her work just like spishtar or maybe even easier depending on the node

and this is as scuffed as it gets, cause she’s np1 3/3/10 with a non-mlb lv60 angel song :fgo_gilgalaugh: (rip this ce btw)

but basically against zerkers I always need 2k4, refund without it goes to 75% + the avenger passive. But remember my arts buff being scuffed, so at lv 10 I guess it could go up to 80%+

so far I could say that she’s easier to enable than Spishy due to her arts buff being bigger and guaranteed. But once I do the mana transfer unlock her Mana loading append I’ll try her on akward nodes as a 90+ testing, but for one enemy waves my main concern would be damage instead, and that already happens me with Astarte. So they’ll both appreciate some extra np levels.
Some alternatives can be pre-carding with 3rd skill active or charming the st mini boss and as long as you’re 3 turning that way it should be fine

edit: oh I forgot to add the dmg, but Kama can easily hit the 170k ranges as long as I land the charm, without it, it goes down to 130k or so


I think that you’ve just verified the hype, that she’s basically a lateral vs Summer Musashi, and maybe a hair down from Space Ishtar, which confirms her as a top tier DCS DPS.

I’m still pulling hard for Space Ishtar, but I’ll also to save for little Summer nugget.