So I got Brynhild on a 3 quartz roll,

So yeah. I got Brynhild on a single summon just now and I don’t know what kind of good setup is for her to be useful. I am F2P btw so I know it will be a nightmare for me to ascend her and her skills.

I have these “support” servant for damage I have some more like Ushiwakamaru, hanz, kid Gill, kid alexander, Black beard, and Bunyan. So I do know if I have the enough support for her. . . I do know what to do.

Bryn work well as either the main damage dealer or semi crit support. She’s actually not to difficult to skill and level as all her materials are in arc 1

She is often paired with bersekers who take full advantage of her upgraded 3rd skill. She can also use this herself as it is target-able.

commonly I run Bryn in 2 ways
bryn/double merlin or double waver - I use this a lot when she can abuse her Brynhldr’s beloved bonus
Jalter/Bryn (semi support role)/Merlin - when I need to bust through break bars fast

Not knowing your full list I will just make a recommendation with what I can see or know what you should have. At this stage best to use her to lead the line as at this stage she’s probably one of the stronger servants you have, instead of a crit support role

Bryn/Hans/Mash or Bryn/Shakespeare/Mash or Bryn + support Merlin or Waver + Mash


Congratulations, you get a great ST Lancer, she can help has a crit support, a star generator and a DPS, her NP gen is great