So i got Legendary Azura

After almost 60 orbs I got L!Azura in Seliph’s banner.

She’s +Spd -Def, so I think I was pretty lucky. Thanks to prayer weel she’s really good, so what do you think about foddering Hone Atk 4 from Hrid?

It would be really easy to give a +7 to all stats, and I think there’s nothing that grants +8 so… On the other hand, I don’t know if that Hrid is useful or not so I need advice


Hríd is pretty useless

Fodder away. Hone Atk 4 is probably her best and most splashable C slot in most cases



But be sure to nab Atk/Def Bond while you’re at it for efficient foddering.

The highest visible stat bonus is +7, and attack is the most general buff for cases where L!Azura doesn’t refresh the unit(s) she gives that bonus to. If you aren’t using Hríd a lot already, you can afford to lose him—he’s DC fodder to most people. Pro tip: if you give L!Azura a +5 dance-buff seal like Torrent Dance, she will always grant a minimum spectrum +5 buff for the times when you need to refresh someone that isn’t buffed visibly some other way.

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Welcome to the cancerzura club, she is a great unit to use but not well if you need a whole scoring team.

I think I’ll do it. I haven’t use him since I got him

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I believe they are talking about NY Hríd so DC isn’t an option.

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I was thinking about foddering Hone Atk 3 form Matild so I could get the bond skill. Actually Atk/Def bond is not the most useful for Azura since she has horrible bulk (and mine is -Def) but I think that it is the best option

Shame she was one legendary slot too early to get the score boost that Roy and other legendary heroes got.


Yes I am xdd if not, I would have probably fodder him long ago

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I mean all you’d lose in a Mathilda and if you’re not merging her the oportunity cost is very low so why not, right?

I was thinking to use her with Tharja in non-scoring modes. Anyway, she has a duel skill, so it can be used in arena. Or 170 bst is really low? Actually I don’t know almost Anything about scoring

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Well I’m talking about New Year Hrid so it’s no possible xdd

I think that hone Atk 4 is a better option, specially for blade tomes, but I didn’t know it worked like that with dancing buffs

Fun fact: it wasn’t supposed to but due to a glitch having to do with if you had combat animation on or not, it was possible and IS decided to make it work like that always.

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Oh right. NY!Hríd is just fodder. I forgot he even existed.

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Hrid’s not great. He’s like Ashard but without as high Def/Res, Prf, or flier damage nullification. I’ve always used hone Atk 4 on her and it helps immensely. Funny to do it with a low merge F!Ike, let him get panicked, and suddenly have +14 spectrum

He still has the -7 debuff tho. He just gets +14 for an effective +7, not effective +14.

I would say- if you got a Sue - give her hone spd 4 instead of Hone Atk 4
(then you could give Sylvia/Olivia Geishun/Hone atk 4 for infantry teams :clap:)

Hríd bulli :feh_elisad:

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That’s it