So I got Mama Raikou Lancer

So i got mama Raikou Lancer and I legit don’t know what to do with her. I already have a grailed Vlad Lancer and a fully leveled up Artoria alter Lancer, and Enkindu and Karna. Lancers of all rarities seem to love to chill at my Chaldea. Do i level her or store her away for a few years? Ill leave that to the internet the most trustworthy advice giver around.

Okay, imagine if Lancer Alter’s Mana Burst was targetable, and cleared debuffs, Charisma was good and increased stargen, and had essentially the same crit up+star succ skill. That’s essentially what Raikou is. Of course she’s different in that her Buster up is slightly weaker, and that her Crit up does not give stars, but its remedied by the fact that the buster up lasts for 3 turns and you can get stars on NP.


Raikou Lancer is essentially Lalter, that trades AoE potential to hit even harder, both on ST NP and facecards. With both Vlad and Lalter around she maybe not be first priority, but will make good substitute as those 2 will approach max bond.

Even if you don’t use her often she can help out as a support in events.
The debuff cleanse on her buster buff is pretty handy for situations where your damage dealing servants receive a debilitating debuff.
I haven’t played many events on JP so I’m not sure how often that comes into play but at least in 2 years there will be an event she is exceptionally suited for as support.

The build @Sizzle suggested to me had her as the cornerstone to reliably one-shot a raid boss.
My lack of support options prevented me from using her but it was clear how my damage varied greatly depending on the debuffs my damage dealer was inflicted with at the start.
If I didn’t get an annoying one I could end the battle in 2-3 turn but if I had then it would take more than the double.
Considering how profitable that boss is I’m certain that you will want to farm it.

Another point to consider is there will be an event early next year that you might want to have as many damage dealers raised as possible for so a superb one such as Raikou will be useful.
The gimmick is that you can’t use support servants and the team you bring into battle gets put on a cooldown for 4 hours, so progress in the event is directly related to the number of servants you have ready.
Depending on the stage you could probably brute force it with one good DPS and two sacrifices (my plan)

Yes, she was amazing during the pillar raid last spring.

To be fair, as someone who is blessed by lancer to (enkidu karna lalter Vlad li shweng medusa Lily and the absolute king of the lancer class Cu berserk… No I was kidding, I was obviously talking about Jaguar warrior!)
There is a … Lance I have to brake in favour of lalter over Raikou (I don’t know if this is a thing in English, on Italy we say “spezzare una lancia in favore di” as a way to put credit where credit is.)
Laltoria rock over 700 attack more than Raikou.
Thets a frigging lot.
Well karna is over 2k more, and we know he is capable of insane high buster brave chain.
I personally don’t think you have any reason to level her. At least not now. True be told Nero fest is incomingz so extra ember for any servant you like.
But don’t overvalue her like she is a goddess with no problem. She does have problem, and if you ask me low base stats are harder to cover than weaker skill.
Not saying she is bad. She have nice np gain, her np generate star.
But you have no obligation to level her simply because she is considered strong.

Ok now, what I am trying to say is, if you have someone else to level before her, you can wait. It not like having her is such an high jump in quality that you absolutely need her . She is good, and she can be usefully, but you already have her role covered.
And if you only want debuff removal, there are easier to get option like medea

jp spoilers

barbatos’ triumphant return as a piñata for the case files collab?

Apocrypha or Case Files?

@Poddiadv What was this team comp? :eyes: And this future event? I’ve not heard anything about it.

@Exa Definitely not idiomatic English, but I think a good number of people would understand that if you said so. I know a few who would love that phrase. But native English speakers would say “sing the praises of” or “give to hand it to her, she…”

I’m very happy to have rolled 2 copies in a single 10-shot (because if I was rolling singles, I would have stopped at np1) and now I’m like, keep investing in Enkidu or divert resources to Mama Lancer?

Her overall damage support is better than Nightingale’s, no? With that 20% charisma and the 40% buster buff—she’s basically a Merlin without the NP charge and a slightly smaller buster buff for farming, no?

Yep, that’s the one. Chance for a debuff at the start, plus works amazingly with Black Grail Sanzang and Merlin support. I could raid farm without Order Change and 1turn. Didn’t even need to use the Mystic Code.

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It was the case files collaboration.

The suggested team composition was Sanzang (Black Grail), Merlin, Raikou. I believe it was the Ox demon king CE on the other two.

If Sanzang is NP1 or there isn’t a MLB Black Grail then I think Bunyan and Combat Uniform could provide enough buffs to compensate.

A less restrictive build could be Sanzang, Shakespeare, Raikou, Bunyan.
Depending on how many OX-demon kings or Bond CEs used it could be enough to one-shot it.
Theoretically at least.

If there are no other options then Grey has a damage bonus and trait damage plus Buster NP so Raikou would be useful for her as well.

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Oh, nice. I have Sanzang np2 and she’ll probably spook me at least one more time in the 2 years between now and the event (and maybe I’ll MLB black grail by then?), so this is good to know. :) I assume it goes Sanzang 10/x/x Merlin 10/x/10 Raikou x/9/9?

Also—don’t think I mentioned this—it looks like she might have some weird synergy in Sherlock teams, with her NP making stars, especially with Hans/Merlin supporting. Has anyone tried this out?

Looks like it should work.
I think Sanzang has attribute advantage but I’m not entirely sure so it might be wise to bring the Ox-demon King from the Journey west event and/or their Bond CEs.
With a decently leveled Mystic Code you should be able to kill it with one NP.

Too many variables to be sure what exact numbers you will get.
I guess you would have maxed Merlin’s bond and done the journey rerun.
She would clock in around at 407-498k without a Mystic Code.
Adding in 800 attack(think that is about a level 20’s values) from the BG results in 433-530k.
Adding a level 1 Chaldea MC nets 528-645 which is enough to kill it.

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