So, i got Vulcan: ...female Hellagur/Skadi hybrid?

I knew i still had a Defender left to get…

I am reading her profile on gamepress.

When i read about Vulcan i think of a Hellagur/Skadi hybrid because:

1- STATS are very similar with Skadi

Vulcan max stats

Skadi max stats

Vulcan’s HP are the same of Skidi, slightly higer. Better DEF. Skadi has 113 ATK more, but i dare say that it’s quite high.

2- Auto-heal, unable to get healed by allyes is Hellagur’s gimmick.

Anyway, Vulcan’s skills seem very strong.

Defense mode in particular has that Block+1 and +120% DEF that seems very juicy.

Combat mode… her already high ATK stat gets buffed with a +150% , heal when attacking, at the cost of decreased attack speed? Nice

What do you think of her?

Me, having already enough strong Defenders and only a few guard…

well, i’ll most likely use her with “Combat Mode” and have her act as a downgraded version of Skadi

She does work out well in theory but in practice not really. The reason being she can’t really capitalize on her heal on atk ability as much unlike Hellagur.

Hellagur does the same gimmick so well is because he significantly increases his atk speed and even double hits so he can always top himself off with just sheer force of will. Vulcan on the other hand really can’t for the reduced atk speed is detrimental for the same gimmick. Especially much so if she’s tanking multiple enemies and much more so if it’s against the Samurai dudes.


This traslates in simply having to use her more carefully, choosing well the placement knowing what kind of enemyes she will have to face.

Also, it’s right that it’s like this.
Jack of all trades suffer from drawbacks. You can’t be a good guard and defender and expecting to not have drawbacks

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But there’s at least a bright side to her. You can leave her at some corner of the map that needs defending from weak mobs like the Naruto runners. Doesn’t come up often but at least you have that option available to you when it does. An example I can think of is Anni3 dropping her in the top lane to deal with the Naruto runners who swarm there.

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Another option could be also:

1- placing her behind a defender, so that she kills the ones that slip past…say, Oshiguma.


2- Placing Vulcan near Perfumer (passive heal) and in range of Sora (her trait is a passive heal).

Sora / Perfumer combo especially seems nice, since both do passive heal and passive heal works for Vulcan/Hellagur

ALSO, it might be me, but i like when a operator has some drawbacks.
Makes it more entertaining and challenging to use him/her in the right time and positions.
And her high DP Cost (35) makes things interesting, like a caster

Angelina’s E2 talent also works on her

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True, and i have her also.

So much tests to do now