So, I have got L!Hector to +10 now!

Behold this chunky boi! Now this one was weird, because a few months ago I got tons of copies while trying to get Fallen Lyon, so I decided to just get his last merges on the Mythic remix banner! So now I have Legendary heroes for each elemental season I suppose!

I haven’t needed to use the spark (about 20 summons in), so I’m kinda tempted to spark for Muspell. Any thoughts on that too?


Oooooo, congrats on the +10 L!Hector :catclap:

As for the spark, I wouldn’t go for it unless you really want Muspell now

Do note he’s on a banner with the Ashen Wolves so he’s definitely getting a rerun if you want to just save orbs rn

I guess the choice is more about whether you want Muspell merges and if you want Constance or Hrid

That’s how I would frame it


Congratulations!! I want to +10 L! Hector someday, he might not be as busted as his brave alt, but his refine and skillset makes him a solid armored unit, one of my favorite lords in the franchise.
I hope you have fun using him.


Congrats! L!Hector has some of my favourite art and I hope he serves you well


Congratulations on finishing L!Hector! :)

Múspell’s biggest claim to fame is his unstoppable Fatal Smoke. Because it’s in his weapon rather than his C slot, he doesn’t even have to survive combat to apply Deep Wounds. I have no idea why they made weapon effects always work like that, but they did. Nifl and Kempf’s Flash effects also work that way. He also adds damage to himself and nearby allies with his C slot. I randomly got him as a pitybreaker and he’s worked out nicely. Particularly if you have Br!Catria to give him the Brave effect, he’s a really solid AR defense unit. I especially like him because I have too few red threats for my defenses, so he slots in nicely.


Hector becomes a legend - Lector
Hector gets braver - Bector
Hector has a little daughter - Duotor
Hector is a regular - (R)Eggtor
Hector in Iliad - Deadtor

Congrats for the Lector completion!


Congrat! Welcome to the club!
L!Hector was actually my 2nd 5* exclusive, since then he god a bit old and I didn’t really used him anymore… But then he got an amazing refine for tanking (and a pretty meh remix…)!


If you don’t plan on getting any of the Ashen Wolves, you could go for the spark now. It will cost you less orbs than the rerun.
Just be mindful of future banners that can lead you to spend orbs - A Hero Rises being the best example. If those banners don’t have anyone you could want, then all the more reason for you to spark now.

And congratulations on completing the remaining season’s legendary! :feh_hector: