So i just noticed this

He’s for sure merged but his bg isnt blue, is he like that for anyone else?

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That’s certainly interesting.

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It is blue though. His clothing (the hood) only goes up to about his mouth. There’s blue past that line. That’s the merge color.


His art is just dense in the portrait’s border. I can see the faint blue in the middle, the ones indicating merged unit


I mean the light blue bg like the merged unit mini icons.
Look at lene and his bg should looks similar

It shows that he’s merged, but his art blocks the majority of it. I believe there’s another unit like him, but i don’t remember who. It was someone more recent though.


Yes, the color bg indicating he’s merged is there, in the middle of the portrait.

If its sothis, i understand on hers because the chair but its a empty space behind him.

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Wdym its right there


Thank you.

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It’s not as my Sothis isn’t merged. Ill try looking once I’m off work.


Im not gonna lie i think i though that was his braclet

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Or well, it could also be sothis but I thought I had a unit that was similar.

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I do know M!Grima takes up too much room to see if he’s merged


Isn’t Brave Micaiah the same way?

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I think the corners are feintly blue iirc

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I mean yes but that the yune glow being the literal same color as merge color.

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Rhys’s beeing so hidden seems odd tho.

It looks like its empty space unlike all the examples were bringing up where its a big chunk of additional artwork that blocks it.

M!Grima takes up a surprising amount. Never noticed until now. I don’t see a hit of blue on mine.

Anyways, the unit I was thinking of was Ashnard. He’s got a bit of blue already so the little bit of blue that does show is sorta mixed in with his actual sprite. Little difficult to see the difference. That and I only have the merged one so I can’t quite remember what the original looked like exactly.

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