So I just started playing and got Skadi for my first 10-roll. Now what?

Just like what the title said. Now I’m not sure what to do, do I save up for future banners or roll for a second Skadi? If I’m gonna save what I’m gonna save for?
And Skadi is not exactly the kind of servant that will just get me through the story quest single handedly like Waver and Merlin, so what are the servants that I should focus on for story quests? Thanks in advance.

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You should post your servants roster so people can give suggestions.

Waver and Merlin won’t get you through story quests singlehandedly either.
Don’t roll for a second skadi, the marginal benefit is minimal. Keep your skadi for a while, you won’t be able to train her up just yet.
If you are new actually story banner is a nice place to start. Gives you decent servants to kick start your journey.
Now is the best time to train up your servants. A single target NP berserker is best at early game because it lets you clear a lot of quests with not too much investment. A single berserk+friend Merlin+mash/Hans should get you pass a lot of quests. After that try to train up one ST and one Aoe servant from each of the 7 main classes.

The only thing that is notable is Skadi and after that first roll I just saved up all the SQ and now I’m sitting at roughly 60 SQ with the only other 4 star servant being Stheno. So your suggestions would be pretty much limited to 3 star servants as I can just get them from FP gacha.

Since you’re suggesting the story banner, should I just try to roll for Ozymandius with 90 SQ as I see he is the rate up for today. So far I’m just relying on friend’s Lancelot to progress through the story, any notable f2p DPS that can help out new players?

I mean the banner is great. I mean GREAT. Since you are new, the banner is actually greater for you compared to older players, since you have less bad rolls compared to them.
Ozymandis is great, in fact since you have skadi alr, he is a better roll than skadi for you. Lancelot saber and Nitocris are all extremely strong options for newcomers. Bedivere is a strong 3*, better at NP damage than Lancelot, and is story locked, which means this banner is the best chance of getting him you can have in a while.
Roll for this banner, unless you have eyes for certain servants in the near future. This banner is great.

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Alright that’s decided then I’m just gonna strengthen my foundation by rolling this banner. Thanks for the great suggestions!

Let’s see. 3 star eh?. . You probably will have hard time to raise skadi so I assume she will stuck at lvl 50 - 60.

Saber - Ceaser for ST boss killer, Fergus for AOE.
Archer - Robin is one of the best burst NP damage. Euryale for anti-male, Billy for crit burst. AOE - Kid Gil or Touta
Lancer - Cu Cullain AOE - Romulus
Rider - ST Ushiwakamaru AOE - Medusa
Caster - ST Medea, support - Andersen
Assassin - for ST Jing Ke(you will need to RU her + support skadi for best) AOE not recommended since most of them sucks
Berserker - LuBu ( he had one of damaging ST among berserker) AOE - Spartacus or Blood axe

Yeah for now my goal is to go to Babylonia to raise Skadi, hopefully 3 stars servants can help me to get to that point. Thanks for the suggestions.

Skadi will stuck. Keep her in 2nd Archive. Time to save SQ and roll other 4*, 5* attacker or powerful 3* boss killer/supporter.
Roll FP everyday. Raise up Mash, Andersen, Georgios, Arash.
Grab powerful supporter from following and friend until you get your own powerful 4*, 5*

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just solo all with a friend herc bound CE max lvl and max skill

her mats, need u to go past LB2

I disagree on benching her.
The summer rerun will provide Lanugo and 20 Permafrost so there shouldn’t be any big issues in ascending her 3 times to unlock her third skill.

This will be useful for when OP starts farming and for the main story.
Her NP can function as a replacement for David’s Harp of Healing and her skills will speed up the offence and boost survivability.
Even at worst that would let her provide a 30% battery and a 20% def/crit chance debuff.

We will also get some Lanugos, Frosts and Steel in Summer 2020 so it should be possible to bring two skills up to 8.
Fortunately the Caster Training ground drops loads of gems.


Yeah, we do not bench Servants with targetable 50% NP batteries among other benefits. Even if not able to fully upgrade yet, she adds great value to a new player’s roster.

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But that 50% battery is locked behind 2.2

Doesn’t matter. It’s good even at minimum values, especially for a new player.

It is true that maxing it will require clearing 2.2 however with the amount of available materials from events that is still enough to get up to 44%.
From my experience the biggest hurdle in progressing is raising servants and without adequate CEs/Servants it is a struggle to reach 100% gauge.

Skadi will make it easier to build efficient teams and as that battery is bigger than 20% OP can skip loring some 30% batteries.

Even a 30% battery is :fgo_goodciv: