So i just summoned this

I kinda want to use him. Any build recommendations?

I worked on him quite a bit so I got like a ton of directions I could take you in. Any ideas on what you want to focus on?

I kinda wanted to make him a physical tank but since defense is a superbane i’m not sure how well that’ll work. I could also make him offensive with his decent 32 spd. Any recommendations for either option?

Yeah those are tricky ivs. Mine was spd boon +1 so you wont have the exact same options. But I believe his attack stat is 38? So for budget I think you soucld maybe go a desperation build with a speed refined weapon. I was most interested in making him a noontime/sol build do to his good enough mixed bulk. Im not a fan of putting brave axe on him so I think the speed route may be the way to go.

Yes the send home button build is the best one for him.

Nah that’s reserved for Xander.

Hey! Those are the same IVs I got! I got him in only 4 orbs, never went back to that banner again.

Tbh his axes is really cool to use.
You could maybe fodder it of.
But that’s just a option.