So i made something like this a long time ago


And i decided to remake it with changes made to the game such as gen 3 bst, yugioh card weapons and tier 4 skills. So here we have my interpretation of Sonic in FEH (+spd -hp).

Sonic: Blue Blur
Hp: 36
Atk: 33 (47 with weapon)
Spd: 42
Def: 30 (33 with weapon)
Res: 16
bst = 157
Superboons: Hp, Spd
Superbanes: Res

Homing Attack: 14mt. Effective against flying foes. Grants Def+3. Every time unit initiates combat, boosts damage by 20% of first attack’s damage. (Maximum chain of 5. Resets afterward.) If foe initiates combat during chain, unit’s current attack deals 20% less damage and chain gets reset.

Sonic Wind: Before combat this unit initiates, foes in a wide area around target take damage equal to (unit’s chain bonus plus 30% of unit’s Spd) Disables skills that change attack priority.

Swift Sparrow 3: If unit initiates combat, grants Atk/Spd+6 during combat.

This is just something i decided to make for fun. If you guys want me to make more of these then i will. (Also here he is at +10, summoner supported with 5 dragonflowers.)


Wow, Homing Attack is quite a mouthful.
Also, what happens when you use Sonic Wind, but Homing Attack isn’t your weapon?


Wouldn’t he be a beast unit? Maybe he’d turn into his movie version when he goes beast lol


Neat. If my username didn’t make it obvious, I’ve been a big Sonic fan for years. I’ve also been trying to do a thing where I translate each Smash ultimate character into FEH. Sonic is one few I have so far.

Sonic: Blue Blur (infantry blue beast)
Weapon: Hedgehog Quills: Spd +3. Special cooldown -1. At start of turn if unit is next to beast ally, grants move +1 and atk +2. 14 MT
B: Final Ring: Unit can survive any attack with 1 HP. Once per map.
C: Drive spd 2.
Special: Moonbow
Stats: HP/atk/spd/def/res
42 31 40 29 23
(Stats won’t align properly. But they’re in the order listed.)