So I now own 4 Thea

I’ve been trying to roll Hector from the Ignis banner and instead have rolled 4 Thea. So, since I have apparently already invested into her, I’m trying to find the best build for her. I have a +def, +res, and + spd asset ones so I’m not sure which one is the best to go into. I’m somewhat new to this game so any guidance would be appreciated/not sure it is more desirable to give her skills to someone else.


Edit: Meant Hector not Ike lol

I think Thea is a decent all-rounder/tank, if you don’t have any other lance fliers. And the optimal IV is dependent on exactly which type of build you’re looking for.

Can you share your current build? And you tried pulling for Ike, even though he isn’t a focus unit?

Isn’t there a banner with two Focus Ike’s? Oh wait, I think that might be a different banner. :thinking:

You’re right, my bad. Completely forgot about the revivals.


I think he means B Hector

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When you say build do you mean what I have currently invested in the character or characters I’m trying to put on a team with it? ( sorry still Super new ).

For the former, I have invested nothing into any of the Thea.

For the latter, I’m still just using characters I like so I don’t have a team I’m striving for yet. Two characters I use a lot right now are my fallen Robin male and Bridal Fjor. What more info would you need?

Oh, I see. I thought you meant that you have already invested skills into her, but that’s fine.

Since you’re new, I put together a fairly budget, but effective tank build.

With this build, Thea becomes a decent physical tank who can become relatively tanky when adjacent to another teammate. She reaches up to 56 Atk and 49 Def, with the latter being useful for more damage out of Bonfire. Threaten Def is more of a placeholder, and can easily be replaced by a Tactic, Smoke, or maybe a Wave skill.

Atk/Def Bond 3 - obtained from 4* Rutger; Fury is another option, but it counters Quick Riposte
Quick Riposte - obtained from Subaki/Klein, but you need to promote for 3rd Tier

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Awesome, I’m guessing the best thing to do is to build her and then, if I enjoy it, merge some of my extras into her? I’m kinda paranoid about merging/expending allies in general sub optimally :sweat_smile:.