So I purchased the BK pack

I decided to get the BK pack before it disappeared (makes me feel a little dirty for some reason), and I was considering if I should build him some time soon, as I’m fond of him (his art and voice lines are great).

Now, for AR, I think he’s best suited for light season, due to low res. Although I do already run Caineghis who does pretty well at tanking, so BK may not be needed. IF I built BK for AR, I’m guessing a build with slaying edge, DC, sol, and special fighter would work.

As for arena, I do have an arena core already set up, which consists of Helbindi, Mordecai and Aversa. I do think setting up extra units for when I possibly get highly merged legendary units, so I can use different units for each season. I’m not too sure about what build I could do for him here.

And the last option I’ve considered is for AR defence. This is probably the thing I need to work on the most, as I don’t have a properly functioning AR defence. I was think that some kind of armour ball could be funny, as I could stack ward armour for bulk, and have deadly player phase builds to scare off people who want to tank. For BK maybe a deathblow, brave sword, and bold fighter could work for a nasty build. I would do this alongside 2 Dumas in anima, and then lock in the team, so I can give them all a dark blessing and use my one Bramimond and MAYBE Yune (with guidance) instead of Duma.

What do ya think would be best then? Reckon it would be worth using BK for any particular mode, and if so, what build would you recommend?

  • Use BK for AR offence
  • Use BK for Arena
  • Use BK for AR defence
  • It’s not worth using him

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It’s not dirty. DK is great.

He’s a decent one-off, but I can’t really recommend him for any PvP modes. Outdated weapon, terrible res, and there are a lot of alternatives now that don’t cost grails.

Instead of Slaying/DC/Sol, keep using black Luna. It scores higher and is significantly more useful. Treat him like Nagi: instant 3CD use on retaliation.

You could also use Alondite/Black Luna and fort def/res to patch up that poor res. He’s a great red armor for a Grail unit and has quite a few ways to be played.

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BK is for arena or pve. He has no business in AR.

His best build is probably Brave Sword+, Death Blow 4, Bold Fighter 3, Armor March 3, and Death Blow 3 in his seal. He will pretty much kill absolutely everything with this build regardless of color, BUT you need to hold back sometimes because even Wrys is going to kill him. And he needs armor allies. Without March, doing this is pointless.

As an enemy phase tank or mixed phase tank - forget it. His res is puke. He needs a refine badly. You may use the build above with Alondite, sacrificing some killing potential to enemy phase bows and daggers, but they are not common enough in arena to justify doing this. Besides, you’re not beating Legendary Chrom or Legendary Leif anyway.


Do not run BK in AR defense. He will get his ass whooped.

He doesn’t work too well in AR offense because in light season there’s just so many other alternatives

In Arena he can be good tho. Either use him there or don’t use him at all (in PvP) is what I think


He’s better off with Sturdy Strance 3 or Mirror Stance 3 as a vengeful fighter tank, but I could hardly justify giving that kind of fodder to him :/ I think the bold fighter 3 build I mentioned above is less costly and you get a lot of bang for your buck out of it. Even 1 unmerged Halloween Hector using his base kit is better at tanking than a +10 Black Knight with perfect fodder. Totally not worth it.

BK is free and not everyone has Duo Hector.

That’s true. A more comparable unit for reds would probably Zephiel.

Bold fighter, Brave sword death blow guarantees at least a single dead unit due to black Luna guaranteed proc.

I think the point is that the Burger King’s got a lack of mixed bulk; this makes him defensively weak in today’s meta, so much so that he is pretty much only relegated to a player-controlled team where smart play can prevent his weaknesses from being exploited, and even then there are objectively better armor options than him due to BST/power creep. Only having DC + 1 of 2 high defensive stats really doesn’t cut it these days. He is still scary on offense with Bold Fighter + Black Luna, that alone is keeping him relevant and rightfully so because Black Luna is bonkers powerful.

The BK pack is still worth it even just for the orbs and 5* Black Knight alone though, plus he will probably get a refine eventually (especially now that they’re taking him off the table), so all hope is not lost.

Comparable to Black Knight? Definitely not. Zephiel is slow as a brick by comparison, but this means he is more minmaxed–Black Knight is way faster and that’s his problem, since speedy armors are so much faster than him now. So his Speed stat is largely wasted, even moreso due to Bold Fighter ignoring Speed unless thwarted by Null Follow-Up. Zephiel’s definitely bulkier and has more build options in today’s meta.

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Forgive me, however, that’s a poor argument when you’re basically having to pull for mirror stance 3, a fighter skill and march and 200k feathers + tons of grails to match what an unmerged unit can do out of the box. It costs way more to build him than pulling for Hector.

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I mean offensive black knight anyone?

Yes but as an offensive unit he’s been powercrept pretty hard.

He doesn’t even really need spd when armours have access to bold fighter anyways.

Tbh the only thing Black Knight has is his special. It’s good. Very good. Just the rest of the unit isn’t great

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What old fighter? Can Gunther and Jagen get this skill? Now I want this as an actual skill… :frowning:

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Apparently b’s don’t exist


This would be pretty good in arena, assuming you have march activated and can protect him from various magical threats.

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Still holds up pretty well.
(No merges and flowers)

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Yeah but let’s be real

It’s not always gonna be a 1v1 situation

You’re not always gonna be out of the danger zone after combat ends


Remind me what banners the OA can pull for duo Hector on, remind me where I said a lvl 4 stance was the way to go, and remind me when I said BK Bonkey Kong was cheap?