So I sniped to finish +10ing my NY Selkie

So here’s some background. NY! Selkie is my favourite unit in the entire game. She’s been my favourite unit for an entire year. I didn’t have too many orbs saved last year, but I sniped for her as much as I could, and I got a +3 Selkie out of it!

This year, I had saved quite a bit more. Not only that, but I had some gift cards from people who didn’t know what actual gifts to give me for Christmas. And not only THAT, but my birthday is in January. Keep in mind that up until this point, my account was completely and totally F2P. I’m also the type of person that would rather have a lot of units I like than a few +10 units, so my +3 Selkie is actually my highest merged 5 star exclusive. Because I love her.

Today is my birthday. Let’s see the results of over 1000 orbs of sniping EXCLUSIVELY to +10 my already +3 Selkie:

For those counting, that’s 8 Plumeria and 3 Selkie. (I also got 4 off banner colourless pulls, 2 off banner green, and 4 blues)

Why is this happening to me? Why did IS do this to me? I love Plumeria, don’t get me wrong but I just… I just wanted my favourite unit…


I don’t love Plumeria so I would have definitely been pissed and foddered her all 8x


8 Plumeria and 3 Selkie

Would love this to be me. I pulled so many Selkies I could make a bonfire out of them. Why could not you have my Selkie pull luck? You need it more than me -.-


Ah yes, the Sniping hell on colorsharing… my 6 L.Celica and 4 Nagi’s before getting my first L.Edelgard on her release


Lucky you got all those I went for plumy but got pity broken by non banner units twice

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I agree, can we switch luck??

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Of course. I need my Plumeria luck for friday. Want to do a 200 Orbs summoning session before the banner leaves. I do not want to see another Selkie. You can have her. Only want to see Plumeria and maybe pull 1 - 2 more for my +7.