So I Tried Insta-Surrendering In SDR Today…

…and this is now my current rank:

I also tried to queue up for a match last night, but got a message that an opponent could not be found. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take a screenshot of that message.

If a player named Grey happens to see this - my apologies for wasting your time.
I don’t know how long you had to wait for that match, and I threw it instantly.
I hope the free Glory is some consolation, at least.


Well the event just started so most players are still unranked. If you go into arena on the first day you’ll also very likely appear to move up because no one else played yet.
That aside it’s true that very few players actually play this mode and I hope IS learns from it eventually.


If you want to keep your rank going into the next season for absolutely free (and no loss in score), enter a match with a bonus unit and just autobattle.

Even if you lose, your score won’t go down. So that’s a surefire way to keep your rank and put 0 effort into the mode. And, if you’re still below 2800 score, you’ll get a free AI battle immediately after a loss.


Never apologize for giving someone free Glory. I do as Dragginz has recommended so the people who want to play competitive can and can get higher easier while the rest of us just coast at high enough Glory to get well above average rewards for essentially nothing. So yeah, people definitely aren’t playing this just to play against good players, and if they are you’re not quite high enough(Despite being top 3k right now you’re not) for the super tryhards which just shows how unpopular this gamemode is.

Hell, if someone surrenders before I can that just means that I might be able to hit one tier higher for, again, absolutely nothing.