So if we have Sherlock Holmes

Do you guys think there would be a chance we’d see Arsene Lupin as well?

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Who is Arsene Lupin?

I assume you mean this gentleman?

Somebody has been playing Persona 5 lately… :fgo_judge:

But you do have a point. Sherlock, a well-known fictional detective, is not only a servant but an important character in the story. This may allow for at least the appearance of another fictional criminal in the future, much like how Moriarty appeared in Shinjuku as if to rival Holmes once again in the “afterlife” (and with a cool gun…coffin…thing). I mean, there was even a time HE would be against the detective Holmes in a battle of wits.

However, Clairvoyance in the form of the JP server so far we have no news or other related media that might link to his existence in the vast Fate universe. It would certainly be nice, especially if he’s also younger than Moriarty, as if to spite him even more :fgo_rinlaugh:

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As someone who isn’t too familiar with detective novels (or whatever the genre is called), I would think sherlock holmes is much better known than lupin.

Aaaaaaah, ya caught me.

But he probably would fit just fine in the series, and would probably have a bit of a meta rivalry with Holmes since (allegedly) Arthur Conan Doyle would be upset anytime Sherlock was used in the Lupin novels.

I don’t really see why that should exclude Lupin. Fate has many servants, both widely known and obscure.

A literary character like Sherlock Holmes. In his novels, Arsene was a gentleman thief who would steal from the unjust and fight with criminals who were morally worse than him. He and Sherlock were often put in novels together (allegedly to the distste of Arthur Conan Doyle).

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I’m the case of Holmes, in Fate they say that all of his stories were true in their world, in the case of fictional figures depends, we have three way of having geting those kind of servants: 1) they really existed (like Holmes), 2) we get a real life(in the world of Fate) equivalent(like Fran or Jekyll), or 3) The Phantasmal spirits


I guess if TYPE-MOON wants to, they will make any character a Servant as long as they see them making money. They’ll always find an excuse for their physical existence.

obviously it is not impossible. But that goes for literally everyone then

Not that Arsene Lupin is even vaguely obscure. But yes, I agree with you. Heck, in their most recent interview they even said they were going to start making more obscure characters which I personally find baffling, but if he counted as obscure, I guess he would have an even better shot?

Yeah, Lupin even got his own anime. (Well, that’s his grandson actually but still…)

fcking anime plebs
not knowing who lupin is

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