So I'm done with the box farming

I was farming them specifically for maxing out my Skadi’s skills around the halfway mark, but now I am soooo done. Finally did it, and now I’m down to ten golden apples, ten silver apples and maybe twenty eight bronze ones. I have also maxed out the levels and ascensions of several of my servants so I’m good there too. The only thing that has been drained more than my apples is my sanity.

God knows I still have the challenge quests…

Let this be a monument to my madness.


Next time you might want to look into fate/grand automata if you want to farm alot while also keeping your sanity


Looks at my 100+ opened boxes without using Native Waver , Skadi or Merlin… 3T can be achieved with a lot of servants if we all think outside of the box :fgo_deadinside:

As long as you have QP for a good while I think you’ll be fine. My goal is to have enough mana prisms for the next batch of CE’s added to Mana Prism shop and get far away from QP hell. I’m fine with lotto mats


I heard about that. Does it work really well?

Oh, what CEs are those?

Chaldea Tea Time & Bella Lisa. Skipping Be Grateful most likely.

Ive open over 200 boxes without even lifting a finger so I would say it works really well

It does. I’m at 250 boxes right now (starting to use the bronze apples I got since I want to save some of my golden ones for next lottery). It even helps with opening the boxes