So, is Tamamo lancer that great if

…i have Karna NP1 level 1 (never used before, spooked me months ago) and Enkidu NP2 level 90?

In my opinion, if i really need a lancer these 2 servants are stronger than Tamamo.

But i do not have Tamamo lancer so it is hard to judge.

She still has a very powerful anti-male niche. If nothing else, you’ll have a solid team for taking on any challenges that involve Archer Gilgamesh.

IMO, Tamamo Lancer is not a very good servant. Yeah, she has powerful anti-male damage but is pretty meh outside of that niche, having a plethora of demerits from her skillset which require a workaround. But when you consider that almost every 5-star Lancer fills some sort of special damage niche, she actually becomes kind of important.

Exactly what i tought.
In my opinion if i ever need a lancer, Enkidu / Karna / Kiyohime are already enough.

A strong buster team. Maybe add a Merlin and put Kiyohime in the rear line.

Tamamo lancer is a welcome addition, when i’ll get her in march, but i don’t think she will make so much of a difference

Tamamo is really good, but a bit niche. She will absolutely nuke male Archers and Berserkers, but outside of that, Kiyo Lancer’s NP will deal more damage than Tamamo Shark (assuming same NP level). But she has great NP and Star generation stats.
As for her, um, “unique” kit, if you play her skills right, the demerits don’t matter too much.

I’ve had her for a year now and I have to say she is a beast. Yes, she has a niche, but it comes into play very often. Male archers and berserk bosses seem to be super common. And even without her np, her hit counts are insane and she gets crazy generation stats. I only have her at np 1 but she was able to chew through Zerker Boss in Agartha like he was butter (2 health bars in one turn at one point). Also you don’t really need to level most of her skills for her to perform well which is a huge plus. I have Karna and Kiyo as well, but she is still my go to for most of my lancer needs.

I actually think both karma and enkidu are worst than she is .
None of those 2 is a “traditional” buster servant , karna is a premier aoe with good card damage potential and enkidu… Well he is enkidu, his deck is strange and half of his skill set is situational (still very fun to use)
Tamamo is a very solid lancer anytime, and she also also have the anti male special . She will perform better than enkidu and karna in standard battle or standard boss fight.

Mind you. I am not saying she is better than them, but she is closer to the standard damage dealer you want.
Same reason why Chloe is so good despite all the competition.

Her demerit are quite forgettable if you use your skill correctly
(For example, you want to use her charm during enemy np turn to stall him and have more time, so the “extra” charge is wasted anyway)

Enkidu is better than Tamamo only in very niche situations. For example, solo-ing. Otherwise Tamamo is way better since her deck is well-suited for teamwork and she can pull her own weight in practically any team (buster, arts, quick, you name it). What makes her stand out is that compared to other SSR lancers (except Bryn), she can also (somewhat) function as a universal semi-support with her attack up and defense down.

As for Karna, I personally think he’s about equal to Tamamo (he’s AoE, of course). Bonus points for being permanent with easy to use kit. But again, if you need anti-male or ST damage, Tamamo’s better.

NP3 Tama for over a year. She’s a core member of my team.
Tama + Euryale vs men, Jack + Carmilla vs women, buffed by everyone else. They are powerful enough to ignore classes except for their nemesis. Nothing survives. I have many servants, but Tama is a priority.