So.. It's almost time for Sitting EX


Somewhere in the next three days I assume.
It’s gonna be hard waiting for the single rate up, without Kato (and will likely blow some quartz on day one)
But hey, I sure as hell will try.

On that topic, are there any upcomming servants that ya’ll are looking forward to/saving up for?


Abigail, Eresh, Hakousai… Yeah… we’re all [redacted] aren’t we?

More seriously, I really want Skadi.


Archer of Inferno, Kato, Shuten, & Raikou in the immediate future.

Maybe Passionlip & Kiara in the far future.

I continuously hoard Sq for whenever Gilgamesh, Mordred, & Jack are around.

Yeah, you’re telling me. First I had to wait forever for Shimousa, then for the actual second banner to launch, and now for the Sitting EX/Raikou/Shuten banner. I’m edging so incredibly hard right now.

Come home already, you three!


at least oui’s a pretty easy skip for me. especially knowing fujino will be soon after

and hopefully I can toss some rolls on eresh’s banner, but I feel that will depend largely on how abby’s banner fares for me

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It’s going to be just as difficult waiting on Kato’s solo rate up (thankfully hers is first tho)

Just this year alone I’m hoping for: Ozy, Shirou, Bone Daddy, Eresh, Abi, Yan Qing, Hidari Caster and Sheba

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You might just want to spread that out over the rest of what this year has and next year… lol

You might be the first master I’ve heard who is looking for Yan Qing and that makes me happy.


I won’t summon for Skadi, but I am looking forward to be able to use her on my support slot.
Kinda the merciful thing of fgo.

@Drachy It’s a whole series of teases.
Which is why I won’t totally wait till the non-Kato edition.
If that means risking her, so be it. (At least she pairs decently with Assassin Emiya)

Casters actually like me, so I’m not actually all that worried about getting her. Just a question of how much SQ.

Next year is spread pretty thin enough. I’m really ridin’ on that “hope” part, futile as it may be

@Lost_Field He would have been my SR ticket choice if I hadn’t gotten cucked going for Kerry back at Onigashima
Does it sully the feeling if I just want him because he’s hot I am determined to make him work when and if he decides to go home


Same for me, but I feel like having Merlin and Tamamo is enough for my taste. Don’t like Skadi enough aside from gameplay.

Gotta plug that rider hole someday…
Eyes are on Ivan and Achilles

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Heck no! Dude is a heartthrob! . I want to make him work too. The only reason I haven’t given him any time is because 1) I’m holding out for Shuten and/or Wu Zeitan and don’t want to use up my assassin gems & mats 2) My gold assassin roster consists of Summer Scath & Stheno so I kind of want an assassin that’s general use and not niche and 3) I’m still kind of mad at him for spooking on both Shuten and Zeitan banners.

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Except for Summer, Summer always sucks for the amount of good Servants come out. I got everyone but Kiyo and Squirtoria for Summer memories but got Malter, Caster Umu and Berserker Nobu this year.

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I am grateful Summer treated me pretty well this year. All I’m missing is UMU for Summer 2, who I might save for the eventual DL campagin to get, and all I really care to go for Summer 3 is MHX and maaaaybe Jeanne d’Archer, and even then I have the year after to try.

Sending all my summer luck (if any) to everyone else instead

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Ha, I want both Danzo and Sitting EX so I’m rolling the shared rate up until I get one.

Don’t have Shuten either and wouldn’t mind getting np2 on Raikou. I’m rolling on Day 1 :fgo_bbgrin:

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hands down the best assassin

because every time he’s mentioned, I have to look him up to remember who tf that guy is


Same here. Thinking about stocking up shinies to 600+ just in case, since I plan to
a) get-oh Yak and Kato
b) nuke-levels for the two inseparable 5-star Oni (although, since they work well enough at NP1, I shouldn’t ask for too much)
c) depending on how rolls go, possibly NP5 Kato? Fewer rate-ups for her than for Yak, as I saw, and I do plan to throw shinies at the banners he features in later on…

Danzo I don’t really plan to use much, so np1 is fine.

Shuten I also don’t plan to use much because Cleo >>>>> imo, as much as I love Arts Assassins.

Raikou is Raikou and will be queen until Godjuna (and is still very good)…and it’s not like Shuten never gets rate ups. although I’ll be rolling for Kintoki during Setsubun instead of oni

I don’t care how much SQ it takes to NP5 Mr. Sits Furiously but I’m gonna do it

This is gonna haunt me in a week isn’t it