So...its been a little over a year

How goes it all? Do you remember me? No? Ok.

Well anyway, I finally got a new phone and I’m finally back to the game and honestly, it feels good to be back. I remember thinking I didn’t want to come back due to the stress of AR and endless powercreep.
Turns out a year break is enough to remove those feelings.

Guess I’ve said all I need to say so if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got story orbs to collect, Miriel’s to summon, a Rutger refine to fool around with, and a Valentines Lucina to save up for.

Also i definitely bought that Shinon pack from the shop. Still tryna +10 him after all


Welcome back :feh_annawave:

Getting Shinon to +10 won’t hurt for sure… DR is just everywhere! Unfortunately there are also many new units that come with flat DR which can’t be negated by anything not named L!Nanna.


Now may I introduce you to these wonderful new modes known as SDR & SDS …


Oh I’m well aware of the pain that is SD.

I am in no rush to enter that hellhole, despite how good the rewards are for it.


Actually, it’s been 5 months

Good that you’re having a good time getting back into it


Good taste. Hope she likes you more than she does me. +7 after 9 months.

Certainly don’t rush into SD, it’s very hot or miss in tetms of player enjoyment. Although doing one battle, win or lose, in the limited time versions of the mode gets you on the leader board for some rewards.