So I've played FGO 50ish days now, and it finally occurred to me I may have done something horribly wrong

Well, I can only say my account at 60 days, look no where like yours.

Alright to start with. Good job on maxing out Mash, she’ll be your go to for challenge quests where you want to tank tons of damage and reduce it to nothing if you play your cards right. Not so useful with the unnerfed Kiara unfortunately. Kiara just weakens you so hard that you wish you were dead.

In any case, start combining your craft Essences with other congruent craft essences, eg. The Jeweled Sword of Zelretch with your other Jeweled Swords of Zelretch. If you get another two and enhance your original CE with it, you’ll Max Limit Break it which will max it’s potential level you can upgrade it, but it also enhances the CE’s effects on Servatns equipped with it. So you can imagine MLB’ing a 5* CE will be an enormous pain in the ass especially if it wasn’t event related. Even the 3*'s can be useful. I know the Battle of Camlann will give NP charge to the rest of the party when the Servant Holding it dies.

To start with get Single Target NP and AoE NP’s for every class of Servant, at least the first seven classes: Saber/Lancer/Archer/Rider/Caster/Assassin/Berserker. Look through what you have available, and don’t disregard 3* Servants as I’m sure your own Euryale will tell you from Camelot. At this point you’ll want to focus on this point the most. making sure you have an answer for every situation you could find yourself in. What i mentioned in this paragraph is just the basics.

There isn’t a single 3* archer that isn’t worth upgrading. Cu Chulainn (OG) is probably the best survivor with Heracles probably being the best. He’s well worth the investment.

Hans Anderson is your best bet for F2P Support unless you miraculously manage to roll Waver/Tamamo/Merlin or even Scathach Skadi next year. Also, Shakespeare and Amadeus are good for Buster buff and Art’s buff respectively.

That’s all i really have for you unless you’re looking for more specialized advice.

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Sorry, but that’s just 50 days? That’s insane. 3 5*s and Prisma Cosmos is really good. Also, you’ve got 6 random drops of Golden Sumo. I honestly almost don’t believe you actually.

In terms of servants to raise, finish of Karna, and then the ones that really stick out to me are Kintoki (he just nukes things), David (party-wide evasion), and Georgios (3 turn taunt).

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50 days in and you already got 3 SSRs? What is this rank EX luck

Just by looking at your servants, I can say that you’re definitely on the right track. You leveled up Mash and maxed all her skills (something that I did not do until recently, which made my life a lot harder :face_with_head_bandage:), you leveled up Euyrale, and you leveled up Hans.
It’s usually adviced not to burn your SRs nor SSRs unless you have them at NP5 but don’t worry too much about burning your Fionn. You’ve already got a great AoE lancer (I’m looking at you, Karna).

Also, make sure to level up your 3 stars and lower servants. Most are really good despite their low rarity. Some notable ones are OG Cu, Robin Hood, Medea, and Bedivere.

He could just be referring to the days he logged in and did stuff… god knows i missed most of my first year because i was too busy…

First, Thank you
The reasons as to why my account is where it is would probably be :

  • I haven’t missed a day since I started playing
  • I probably grind more than is healthy
  • I have cleared the free quests up to and including London as well as a few in camelot after finishing shinjiku
    I haven’t MLBed most of the CEs as I have heard QP is a scarce resource later on (I figured the MLB event ones where enough)
    Ironically, I pulled Mordred an hour after finishing Camelot; Stheno and Euryale didn’t show up until quite recently (Gawain was hell)
    I used some apples for the Sumos
    Currently EXP cards are what i am most lacking,
    I think that’s everything…

above is also @Rationale

Well looking at your roster - the thing you lack the most right now is ST lancer for archer bosses. I’s reccomend for you to raise Cu for this.
Other advice:

  1. With high lvl Melt no real need for DPS casters or assasins, so skip them (except, maybe, Medea for her rare buff removal niche)
  2. Eureyle is good but her niche is pretty narrow - lvl Robin as your more of all-purpose Archer. Skill-wise you onle need to lvl his first one for cooldown redution.
  3. Eury - ah, opposite of Robin, max her third skill first - her buffed arts chain is no joke:fgo_buster:
  4. Suzuka - I am starting to like her more and more with each passing day, she is sort of hybrid farmer, that can also go hard on enemies with crit chains, at the very least she should be more usefull than Mordred
  5. Kyohime - feed her leftover zerker embers, now as Herc is max lvled. Then give her starting np up CE. As an aoe zerk she is one of the betters farmers on your list, just do not invest to hard in her - she’ll be replaced by literally any highr rarity aoe zerk that you can roll.
  6. Stheno is meh outside of grimmiky snake ladies team, but that requires a lot of investment into sisters, so maybe later…

You’ve done well to get this far so soon, 50 days in I’ll estimate you’re under 150mil qp. I honestly also doubt that you’ve got a lot of ascension mats left

What you are lacking right now are farming options. Thankfully you have a lot of low rarity options that need minimal effort. You should have np5 shakespeare, np5 arash and np5 spartacus and probably np5 medusa. They would be my next choices. Why? They all have np charge skills and seeing as you don’t have a kaliedescope but you do have 2 golden sumo’s with a little bit of help from a support waver and mages association mystic code you can make farming hands/doors and even some event nodes much much more time efficient without a lot of investment. If you can get arash’s 3d skill to lvl10 and Spartacus 2nd skill to 10 you’re pretty much set for most farming duties. (personally would’ve kept fionn as he’s not as bad as people make him out to be and burnt stheno but too late now and I can also understand that you’ve already put in a lot of work into getting her ascended).

If ascension materials are an issue- level rider Kintoki he needs no ascension materials outside of the ones you get in event damage ladder from this event

I probably put a lot more emphasis on farming than most but it’s pretty much what you do 80% of time.

raise bedivere, kiyohime, and ridertoki imo

also, the thing you did wrong is clearly not rolling lip to go with melt and bb

Well, all I’m really saying you have Ex luck if we go by this chart (Yes, I know the chart is just for fun)

But have to say, less than 60 days with an account like this is pretty amazing and by no means I’m being sarcastic about it

Well on a separate note, welcome to qp and mat hell lol

also at @2manycrapples

TBH the main reason I invested in Stheno is that she’s the only SR or SSR I pulled more than one copy of (currently at NP3)
plus she’s ridiculously specialized in niche which in a way is a good thing as i will have reason to use her whenever i see males in the future (I think)
The EMIYA, Suzaka, Karna, Gorgon, and Kintoki (of course) were all obtain within the past few days so i haven’t gotten to finish them yet

I ROLLED THAT GACHA FOR Lip Tears of Blood RNG Gods did not want to give her to me

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if you want anti male in all honesty level her sister Euryale as well. Stheno +eury + Medusa Lancer/support eury is one of the better anti male setups.

But I’d recommend getting your farming squad setup because you’ll be spending a lot of time in Chaldea gate in the next few months

Also issues where you just plain run out of Free Quests to do.

Thank you and yep I really have no right to complain about much of anything
On that happy note, I currently have 41,703,109 QP saved up and have been in unending Octuplet Crystal hell practically since day one (same for the evil heart mats)


I have managed to level Euryale to 70 and Stheno to 80

also thanks
and farming will come first henceforth probably
Will finish Karna first i think

Where did you use apples to get 2 mlb sumos? I got to farm there!

My whole list is levelled bar one servant - Arjuna who I should finish in a day or two and get skills up to 6/6/6. I just farm qp or whatever ascension material i have less than 100 of if i have no free quests. No days off for me

shivers i have 42 uncompleted ones remaining