So let's check Lewyn's build

Hello people :feh_flaynfish:
As I talked in another post, I have Lewyn as a merge projects, so I want to give him the best things
So I wanted to see how my build worked:

He would end like this, he has SS3 already, but I dunno about NFU, and I can’t decide between Rouse or Oath
So I would like people who have more knowledge here to tell me what should I give him :fgo_meltbirb: I have Summer Sylvain at 10+, but an infantry green mage is also good just in case, and I like him a lot too
The NFU food would come from an Legendary Alm manual, so should I give him darting blow 4 too?
As of now, he is currently at 4+


I’ve seen this (SS3 and NFU) before in AR and I can honestly say it’s really annoying. It’s just like L!Claude or Boobyleth: they’ve got over 55 Spd and there’s absolutely no other way to keep them from doubling than to outspeed them.


I would suggest ideal + NFU + time’s pulse. If you’re putting him on AR-D, don’t use oath without clearing panic (ex: Kia Staff/dance him). The rest depends on team support. No pulse support, use…actually it depends what you’re after. If you want him to be reliable vs B.Hector (in any mode) I suggest QP + glimmer. Against other player-built opponents…probably moonbow + swift sparrow or atk/spd solo?

Except in PvE where he is probably best to stay on spiral and use draconic aura, glimmer, or, probably better, flashing blade astra. Glimmer is counterintuitively pretty decent because glimmer often hits harder than draconic aura in PvE and the most common enemies who he can’t one-round will be wary fighter armours.

If you haven’t given him rouse or oath I would suggest skipping both. Odd wave is actually not that much worse if you’re not giving him TP. Make teammates give him the buff.

Special consideration for infantry hexblade as the C-slot. Good alternative to TP depending on the team.


I wouldn’t bother with Darting Blow 4. It’s only 2 speed more than Swiss Sparrow 3, and I don’t think that’s worth giving up 6 attack. NFU is a really really good B slot for him though, so definitely keep that. If you’re going for max investment I think Joint Drive beats rouse/oath any day, since he can always get buffs from teammates, but those aren’t the worst options for him.


My Lewyn

Ideal atk/spd
Null follow-up
atk/spd oath
life and death seal

And Pent for the -1 cooldown count to basically guarantee his special.

I prefer the oath here to keep him close by a refresher.