So let's talk about DISTANT COUNTER, shall we?

I am once again asking for your knowledgeable support, summoners.

This is my Itsuki, who I have designated as my first grail merge project. I currently have no skills on him. The reason being, I have some ideas for how to build him, but they all revolve around the use of a certain skill: Distant Counter.

Right now, I have three sources of Distant Counter:

  1. Hector 1 (+ATK -DEF)
  2. Hector 2 (+SPD -RES)
  3. Naliah (+ATK -DEF)

At the same time, there are three units I want to build that, incidentally, require Distant Counter.

  1. Itsuki
  2. Brave Ike (neutral)
  3. Velouria (+ATK merged +1)

The issue I am having is that I am afraid to fodder off my Distant Counters to these three units for fear that the fodder might turn out as really good units (Naliah especially as a favorite of mine), or that I would fodder them off to the wrong people. Itsuki would be an amazing unit to have with Distant Counter in general, but Brave Ike and Velouria I could also build up in order to get my Aether Raids offense team up and running. Does anyone have any tips for handling fodder? Who should get Distant Counter and how could I build these guys up?




Idk maybe it’s just me, but DC and Velouria just sounds so not worth it.


Itsuki because you are already considering him a merge project. I gave DC/NCD to my neutral, unmerged BIke and rarely use him at all (I specifically built him to kill LAlm on AA). If Ross can run DC pretty well, so should Itsuki (comparable Spd, more Res), although I don’t run Ross as an omitank though (color is important). I have foddered the three Nailahs I have ever gotten, so do not be afraid (unless you really like her). If you only want DC though, just sacrifice a Hector.

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Brave Ike is good for Raids. If you wanna be better at that mode then you might wanna give him DC.

Can’t say much on Velouria.

And I dunno what exactly you’re going for as far as Itsuki builds with Distant Counter.

From my experience, Velouria works way better as a speedy slayer than a DC Tank, but if you have a build in mind then go for it.

Ike with Nailah’s SI is one of the best options, especially with Blucina or Infantry Breath support. He’s the one to pass on NCD to. The rest don’t need it to work well imo.


Heavy Breathing


My thoughts so far on this whole thing is that I plan to build Velouria more offensively, Brave Ike as a DC tank for Aether Raids, and I have absolutely no idea what to build for Itsuki aside from being an Enemy Phase red sword (perhaps as a good dragonslayer tank for my Aether Raids Defense).

I can probably strike Velouria and build her another way, but building B!Ike and Itsuki would also have me think about foddering NCD too, and with Naliah having good IVs, I’m kinda afraid of doing that.

Just two merges to go! And when I finish farming BAlm, I’ll give him Threaten Atk/Spd. How’s yours going? :feh_birbpeek:

Still only at +4.

Keep pulling green, he is bound to come home. I ended up merging Athena in his absence (currently at +4). If we are thirsty, the game won’t serve. When you ignore units, they never stop showing up (I could have a +20 Soleil by now, go home girl). Stay strong! :vulcan_salute:

On a final note, although I have foddered 3 Nailahs, I almost never deploy units with NCD (although I have them in raiding parties). I feel the skill has lost importance in my matches (T21+). I wonder if other players have experienced this.

I might end up foddering one of the Hectors to Itsuki and calling it a day, since I KNOW he’s going to be my merge project. I just don’t want to fodder off Naliah since I kinda want to use her, maybe on a team with Velouria.

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Even though red sword infantry is so saturated and competitive, Itsuki really manages to shine through :smile: Since you already plan on heavily investing in him anyway, he should probably get one of those DCs you’ve got

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I will definitely do that then! Now all I need to know is how to build him. XD

I have experienced this, especially in T25-27. I actually use Lull Atk/Def on my B!Ike because it applies under all circumstances and Null C-Disrupt only applies against sweep weapons (infrequently seen) and Wrazzle Dazzle staff users, who usually aren’t able to ORKO B!Ike without L!Azura support specifically or multiple refreshers. Even then, they usually try to go for B!Lucina instead of B!Ike for the refreshed attacks. I find it better to have a NCD tank ready for such situations and keep B!Ike with the lull.

However, if you’re only running one main team for light season, I’d still recommend foddering Nailah to B!Ike and using B!Lucina as his support.

For the Nailah I’d say go for the B!Ike or Itsuki. Really you only need one NCD tank for AR in other gamemodes NCD becomes sorta redundant. B!Ike actually sorta needs the NCD so my personal opinion is Hector to Itsuki Nailah to B!Ike

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I would probably build Itsuki like this for AR-O purposes. This assumes B!Lucina support so that his Noontime triggers on every counterattack. Other B slot options would be NCD, or Special Spiral if he does not and will not have B!Lucina support (it sort of replaces her special acceleration). If you have Pulse Smoke fodder, he could use that instead of Attack Smoke, especially with Lull Atk/Def. QR in the seal is to make sure he finishes off speedy units that are everywhere in AR. Even with Peony and B!Lucina support, it’s going to be hard to outspeed the 50-60 speed offensive units. If he seems to be one-shorting constantly (not just mostly—almost every time), or if he’s a second team tank and someone like B!Ike has QR, then he might prefer Mirror Stance 2. If he’s a second team tank, he may still want QR3 in the B slot.


I don’t have Itsuki built up with DC yet, but I can give you a visual of the Ike build being discussed. Close Defense as the seal is a personal preference, I find that makes my tanks almost impossible to take down :smile:

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Go charge your phone :upside_down_face: