So many summon choices

Recently, I’ve been saving orbs for when a Helbindi banner shows up to get the last 4 merges (currently at 250 orbs), but all these banners add new temptations.

Firstly, there’s the flier formation banner, in which I could get Elincia merges (at +2 due to pity breaks), then there’s the Hector and Takumi weekly banners which would be great for fodder. Then, the chill skill banner could have Tibarn, which would be very nice for sturdy impact fodder.

But maybe, the new summer banner will be Muspell themed, so we could get Helbindi in the tempest trial banner…



Are you merging Elincia because you’re a huge fan of her? Her bulk is hard to utilize so all she needs is atk and spd and you can just flier buff spam your way through most situations. That allows you to skip the flier formation banner and defer your decision until more information comes.

I’ve considered merging Elincia due to the pity breaks I’ve got, but I guess it would be better to forgo her for now. I already have a +atk one after all,

8 copies of Elincia will likely cost 900+ orbs on a 3% banner such as the flier formation banner. Is that a price you want to pay to merge to +10?

Summer Laegjarn

“The sun is soo hot… I think i’m gonna burn”


You make a good point. It’s best I forgo the flier formation banner then.

NOOOO i have no more orbsss… dont do this to me

Elincia ain’t worth it imo. In addition to being a flyer, the most cardinal of sins, her weapon ain’t great. Her weapon is all about negating it’s brave weakness, which is fine, but… it means her statline suffers from a lot of wasted potential.

Much better, much more ftp option? Caeda.

Now regarding helbindi, you probably won’t be swayed to not pull for him so I won’t try. But I’m thinking you might not want to pull for takumi imo if you’re looking for fodder. Close counter is… alright? But very few ranged units actually make use of the skill, let alone have the bulk to run enemy/mixed phase builds.

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i like u


*Insert opinion about fliers being good and armors being bad


i think we’ll agree