So Martha Ruler

So i get Martha Ruler and i need to know, what skill i should level first and why i should level that first? She is a Ruler so is kinda experiense to level her skill si i need to know

I got her too, NP1.

I’m no expert, so i’ll tell you what i will do with mine.

First skill would be

To grant her max survivability, considering she also gets half damage since she is a ruler.


For the 30% NP Gauge refill, since it helps her getting her NP ready faster.

I don’t think i will level up her 3rd skill

Since, it’s situational.

If you use her against other kind of opponents, this skill does nothing.

You want them all at 10, but to start your priority should be 3>1>2 or 3>2>1.

Her damage potential comes from her 3rd skill, and it’s her biggest selling point as an attacker since it’s a very significant steroid (100%).

After it you either want her 2nd skill for the sustain or the 1st for faster access to NP. I would go for the heal first but it depends on how you want o use her.


Martha’s damage without class advantage or her preferred targets isn’t that great compared to her alternatives in my experience. Jacob’s Limbs is what gives her niche and her damage. It’s fun when she can get triple buster cards with JL active on the right target. It does a lot of damage without even being an NP or requiring crits.

Saint of the Shore gets her NP out faster. You can’t count on the attack buff but it makes JL even better as a skill by making a brave chain more easily (especially buster brave NPBB) which gives you more out of what is only a 1 turn buff on a 6 turn cooldown.

Natural body is good for fights where debuffs are a thing and the heal is good to keep her alive but I think it’s the least important of her three skills. She’s already pretty bulky as a Ruler as it is, and you’re often going to be pairing her with at least a support Merlin who is no slouch on the healing and defense departments.

I’d say prioritize JL if you want to use her the way she probably plays best, and SotS only if you really really like starting fights with NPs (like Aerial Drive + Merlin + her battery). NB serves well to keep her alive and well fighting enemies who like using debuffs, but is probably the least important assuming you’re using her in standard compositions.

5 Likes has a section for skills with explanations. But if you want my take on it, let me give you a couple of IFs. First, do you have a kscope(80%ce)? If you do, you can leave her 1st skill for last. If you don’t and you actually CAN max it in one go, you should max it first so you can be more flexible like using merlin+50%ce or merlin+waver to np turn1. Anything below lvl10, you are better off not trying and just going for the other skills as they have much more impactful growth.
Now her 2nd and 3rd skills are both equally powerful at what they are meant to do. Heal is basically worth 2x as much for rulers plus the debuff immune can save you from annoying boss debuffs. 100% damage mod is rare and 2x more than the usual steroids. Basically, it heavily depends on your plans. If you prefer a more offensive playstyle/roster, obviously max her 3rd skill before her 2nd, otherwise, the opposite. If you plan on using her outside of her anti-divine/demon/undead niche, then 2nd skill is better. If you use taunters a lot, then 3rd skill is better. If you can’t decide, then just go for 2nd skill as you can use it in more situations and don’t have to wait for your np or buster cards.


MAX THEM ALL. You can level order her skills depending on what you need.
A tanky hard to die dps? then max second skill,
anti-mooncancer or decent buster np? then max first.
Do you need to cheese a boss? then her anti-divine/demon/undead skill.


Always max the battery first is my motto


Agreed. Situationally battery skills can be put off, but even when you have scopes, you may not want to use them (or you may plan to NP a second time within the buff window with team charge support).

Fast NP cycling is even more important for most Extra class Servants since they are so often dealing neutral damage.


Outside of the niche of the JL traits… Martha’s damage is really unimpressive at np1. But level up that third skill and unleash her against the right trait and she’ll knock your socks off.

When she’s already bulky, the heal can definitely wait.


3>2>1. Her niche damage buff and her class is what she has going for her in the first place, then comes the battery as with any DPS.


I don’t think i will level up her 3rd skill

Since, it’s situational.

If you use her against other kind of opponents, this skill does nothing.

I would probably do the attack one first, NP gauge 2nd. To me, servant choice is often driven by their special attack categories, and probably even more so for a Ruler who only has advantage against Berserkers and Moon Cancers. Plus Divine gets you a fair swath of servants, and and there’s a bunch of Demons and Undead otherwise.

Also, the NP gauge skill starts at 20% at L1 and is only 30% at L10, so it’s scaling is not the greatest. Sure, 30% is better, but 20% is serviceable, and 25% at L6 gets you in the range of an MLB IE if you happen to have one.

I’ve rarely ever used a ruler though, so I probably don’t have the best grasp of the class. I guess it depends on whether she’s more typically used in a long CQ battle.

To me instead it’s the opposite. Before building a Niche servant, i build a servant who can perform well in general scenarios.

In other words, taken Martha as an example, first i make sure that she can work as a buster ruler for general purposes. (So, focusing first on her healing skill and then on her NP Gauge refill to use more often her NP).

After that, i improve the skill that makes her niche. In this case, 3rd skill.

I know that many might argue that my way is not efficient, but that’s how i play.

Niche servant or not, my servants must be able to perform adeguately in a general scenario. After that, let’s improve what makes them niche. If it’s worthy my resources, since there are already other servants who have attack bonuses against the same kind of opponents

True, from 20% to 30% the difference is small. But instead the difference in Cooldown time is big: from 8 to 6 turns.

Someone who just really likes Martha and wants to use her as a generalist DPS will care less about prioritizing the trait damage skill and might wait to finish it.

Someone who specifically wants to field Martha to leverage her trait damage might care more, but I would still argue that NP flexibility is more important than a single-turn damage boost to a certain extent. I’d rather have lvl 10 battery and lvl 6 boost than the reverse.


A 30 battery is huge, especially for a buster unit. I’d take that over almost anything.


I’d probably go 3>2>1 for skill up to level 6
This will make her niche damage respectable

Then do 1>3>2 for skill level 10
Battery is not good unless its L10, 30% battery makes it compatible with most 50%np charged CE
Max Damage boost with short 5 turn cd


I got Martha ruler and I leveled her to 60, but when she hits with her Buster on non-class advantage enemies she’s in the triple digits… I don’t think I’ll prioritize her for further leveling for now…

I already level a lot her skills, and honestly i don’t think that you can tell a lot about the performace of a second that doesn’t even is max leveled, i have fun with her in the Zero event and she was amazing


You wait until @Marthas_Husband hears about this!


Of course a servant that isnt leveled to max and don’t have any offensive buffs with no class advantage will do less damage :fgo_deadinside:
Try using aerial drive with 3rd skill active against megolos in agartha or any of the BB battles.


I agree with him I tried using Gilgamesh at lvl 1 and he was not that good.