So... mystic boost hel, yeah?

“Aw geez guess i’m down to one hp. SIKE!”
This feels very busted.

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Wouldn’t that make her even weaker to magic? With Guard Bearing, at least she can survive some magical attacks. I guess you can argue that since she’s not very good vs magic, then don’t bother at all.


it’s only a problem for physical units.

for mages and staff units, this is a just a walk in the park for them. :feh_lucyshrug:


Well she gets miracle for free as long as she’s not on 1 hp. She’s fast enough to never get doubled if you play it right, and then she gets off of death’s door after combat with mystic boost.


Don’t get me wrong, she’s not 100% invincible, especially in the hands of the AI. But this is an absurd combo.

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Why not just give her Noontime? It pairs really well with her Slaying effect. If a mage hits her, Hel dies in one hit, Mystic Boost or not. With Guard Bearing, she might survive some blue and green mages.


My point is that she always survives one hit. And she only ever takes one hit (speed boon hype). And she always heals after combat. So anything short of guaranteed doubles with desperation are “wasted” attacks

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Oh wait, i misread the skill. Still, she’s tanky enough with support to take one hit from most mages.

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And vantage?

Nah, not having guard bearing makes her more susceptible to… death and you’re basically paying a high premium for 6 points of healing after combat and more consistent staff damage reduction (which guard bearing can still mitigate especially since essentially no staves can autodouble except for W!Eirika, but at the cost of losing 50% DR against everything else)

Also, there’s greater potential healing with noontime than Mystic boost. Mystic boost makes her more all-or-nothing while noontime allows her counterplay against things that can outright kill her.

Mystic Boost makes her invincible to physical units and dragons that can’t double in some way, and does cancel Wrathful staff which helps her matchups there.

Mystic boost makes it extremely hard to defeat Hel if ill-prepared to face her. If there is no magic units and if those units can’t double Hel, the she basically becomes invincible.

Also, mystic boost does reduce Staff Damage by nullifying Wrathful Staff, so she won’t instantly be defeated by them.

Basically, for PvE and Arena and anything not named ARD, ye go ahead. But what is she built for?

For ARD go Guard Bearing. Having such a massive weakness to magic means she might be dying to stray hits from support units.

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