So, no Celica but 3 Edelgard’s

So I am in a dilemma. Couldn’t get Celica, but Edelgard just kept coming at me. Had one originally, and now 3 more. Would you merge all to +3 or fodder, or somewhere in the middle? I know I know, it’s all subjective but still I am curious.

Atk Def solo and rouse are good skills, but usually if I fodder it is only top tier skills like DC or Threaten 4, something like that.

Other options I am considering are merging one (getting rid of that crap -Atk one I have now) and maybe making galeforce for AR Astra but naga and bonus units don’t help galeforce teams in Astra right now (I have no Altina). So bottom line if I galeforce her I wouldn’t use her anytime soon anyway.

I rambled, thanks for bearing with. Merry Christmas peeps to those that celebrate.


I’d probably merge to +1, fodder one to Siegbert, and keep another just in case :feh_legion:


I’d trade ya my three Celicas for your Edelgards if I could. :sob:

I’d say to merge, since Edelgard is a behemoth. But then again, I’m biased. So take that for what you will.


She is beautiful right there! Wow, SI and SS would make her amazing. Sadly of my 4 I never got a +Atk, but my last one was a +Def. My original was +Spd, but I’m thinking I’ll go with the Def one.

Yet another reason why they need a trade system!!

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I’m thinking of +1 merge at a minimum. The other two are sitting in my fodder barracks… I just wish she had a little better fodder (solo and rouse are pretty good, but again there are better out there).

God I wish that were me


Lol. It’s not a bad problem for sure. Wasn’t the green one I wanted but blonde is a great substitute.

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Rouse atk/def is valuable fodder for pretty much any cavalry that doesn’t need more spd - L! Leif, Hrid, L! Ephraim, new year’s selkie that is coming soon, Rein, Lethe, etc, especially if they are galeforce units, and even better if they use a lull skill. No need to run them in cav teams for the buffs you want.

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That’s a good idea. I’ll hold off on those last two for a while.

I have extra Edelgard fodder as well. One I gave to Leif, which has been awesome. The other I might give to Reinhardt, the only stat he cares about is atk anyway.

Edelgard is very effective as a one off unit. If the bane isn’t in atk, I’d probably not merge her unless you plan to go all the way.

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Mine actually was -Atk. However I probably could’ve just kept the new +Def one instead of merging the Atk into her. Lief and Rein are great ideas and I use the, both fairly often. That is a really good idea. I’ll give it more thought but am certainly leaning that way.

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no Celica but 3 edelgards

That’s really lucky, so what’s the problem? :feh_confused:
it would be a problem if you didn’t get Thrasir I guess

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I might follow your setup… gotta +10 her. 4 Celica took her spot. :(((

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Edelgard doesn’t really even need her atk boon if she uses galeforce, and galeforce is pretty much the only thing that makes her appealing to me as a unit. In some cases, the atk bane might even help.

Sturdy impact + null follow up galeforce Edelgard actually took out my Lucina-supported Bike in AR yesterday. I just stared in disbelief.

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Yep, no thrasi either. Edelgard, while acceptable, was #3/3 on my green list. But I can live with it.

@Dexterino as quickly as those three came I considered that lol. A +3 isn’t bad. If I get that New Years Alfonse I may consider galeforcing her.

@anon80299318 Wow, if she took our Bike that is saying something. Her defense and attack combined with solo and rouse is pretty fierce, even without solo. NFU tho? Wow that’s quite an investment in her considering not great speed.

I think if I merge or fodder will determine if Icahn come up with a good galeforce team around her. Her axe makes her good for this.

I’d say her best partner for a galeforce team is duo Ephraim by far.

So far I’ve spent tickets and 24 orbs and gotten…4 edelgards. Not complaining, but…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

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So we are in the same boat it seems lol

@Dan The last Google Play Points Promo 150 orbs I caught all the Edelgards with a +Spd Celica. Must figure out skills to give before merging


I’m still hoping to finally get atleast 1 of her

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WOW! You got 11 Edelgards in 150 orbs? That’s amazing! Incredible luck or I am doing something wrong lol. Congrats. Sounds like a good Christmas.

And 11 of that blond haired red bowed archer (forget her name). That’s a great set up you got going.

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