So... now I am nearly done my 1st playthrough of FE: Three Houses, Golden Deer route, I do have some criticisms

I put up a post about how great the game is, and I still think the game is amazing. But I will say that Part 2 of the game is much weaker than the first part, and that’s not a good sign if that’s the part that is unique to each path. I often felt like the missions were just about “getting closer to the enemy”, defeat their general or route them all, etc.

But that’s not even the biggest problem with part 2. I actually think the Calendar mechanic outlives its usefulness by this part of the game, and I honestly would have appreciated Three Houses to transition into the normal battle -> base -> battle -> base -> etc. flow.

At this point in the game, I just felt like training my units was pointless. As each chapter passed, I felt myself going for auto-instruct, seminars, and rests more than anything just to get the calendar over with. The tea-time mini-games became infuriating. It just felt like there was so much padding in between major story-line chapters.

And I don’t think I am the only person who felt this way either. Online statistics of resting and using seminars grew higher and higher as each chapter passed, so I can’t be in the minority. And this is a shame, because battles really are the most effective thing you can do in your off-time. The class points and renown is fairly important and you can’t get them any other way (you won’t max out renown if you don’t do a LOT of battles).

Other than for a few units, most of my units had mastered all of the advanced classes and were well on their way into their master classes. Only 3 units were a bit behind, and that was mostly from not planning well enough from not knowing what I was going to get until I saw the reality of it (will do things different in play-through #2 for sure). With every unit being in the level 40’s, I just didn’t care anymore about raising them. They were already godlike.

I didn’t mind talking to people in the monastery still, but I stopped looking for opportunities to raise my professor level by collecting all the items/wisps. I stopped looking for wisps entirely, and I would even skip them if they would add a non-trivial amount of seconds to my game time. I just wanted to move on.

The monastery also became less interesting in the last 3-4 chapters too. I think the developers were rushing, as the positions of characters stopped moving, and the amount of unique quests and such was at an all-time low. Every quest was just Hilda asking for random supplies. It’s almost as if the game designers even realized the monastery was getting boring and outlived its usefulness, but kept it in anyway.

The one thing I couldn’t get into was always going back to the monastery after every battle. Really? You’re on the enemy’s front lines and you’re pushing forward, and you just retreat and will come back in a month? It actually starts to become unbelievable that every battle takes place at the end of the month, and that you can waste so much time in between battles.

Don’t get me wrong - FE: Three Houses is a fantastic game for a ton of reasons that I outlined before. The characters still steal the show. But at this point in the game, this is the time for the pacing to increase and build to a climax. It’s why Diablo makes their last acts shorter than the other ones. Same goes for Final Fantasy or any other classic RPGs. The slow drag of the calendar started to really grate on me by chapter 14 or 15 and it just got worse and worse as the game went on. I’d yell at my tv, “Why can’t you let me play the next chapter?!”

I realized that being optimal and completionist was just not necessary as the game was too easy anyway. So I stopped doing optional stuff entirely. Claude, Marianne and Leonie are godlike characters and weren’t becoming less godlike. Lysithea would have been too, but I made her a Gremory, and let me tell you that was mistake and I utterly wish I made her into a Dark Knight. I also should have trained Ignatz in white magic. Wow the errors. Know for next time I guess.

Anyway, those are some of my thoughts on some problems with FE: Three Houses. The game is still 9 out of 10 for me, but it was a 9.5/10 and it only had points to lose and it managed to do it.


I think the story was still good after the timeskip, even if the characters were amazing, I really wish people would stop crapping on GD characters because they’re way better than you’d expect them to be

Although, I will say, the whole waiting a month to continue thing did get old very quickly, and started making no sense


I agree with having less base stuff in the second part of the game. I ended up just going to seminars and resting the last few chapters since I didn’t want to make my units any more OP than they already were(Lysithea had a capped magic stat by level 38). I wish they would have added new mechanics to the base in the second half to make it more interesting to explore and find stuff in.


Yeah, what was even the point of the sauna?

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Hmm, definitely valid complaints… But it makes me wonder, did you ever utilize the Skip option on the calendar menu? It makes the game automate all the non-combat busywork and lets you jump right to the end of the month if you want. Does it go away after the timeskip? Because it would be silly and stupid on the designers’ part if it did.

I agree it makes no sense from a story perspective to keep returning to the monastery every month after the timeskip, but utilizing the Skip option may be worth your while on future playthroughs, especially since you feel the second act drags on too long.

Actually, I probably just didn’t see the “skip month” feature, only the automatic skill training. If you skip everything in the month, do you still get the benefits of everything as if you went through it manually, for the most part? Like, does it train each week and do seminars and all of that?

I’m doing a second playthrough now, and I know how important it is to get the units off to right start, so I probably won’t skip anything for awhile now. But it’s good to know for part 2.

The Skip option uses Auto Instruct for teaching and has you Rest for every free day you skip. It’s not ideal for training, but if you feel fine with your units’ current performance, it’s a good way to jump to the next story objective. You can also skip to any upcoming free day in the month, not just to the end.

speaking of mechanics, i wish i used them. other than the golden deer units, i’ve recruited ashe and the church staff.
it makes killing everyone you didn’t recruit kinda painful. in my case that would be everyone except ashe, who i only recruited for his lockpick personal because buying chest keys was annoying.

Wait, what? I never even knew there was a sauna…

It’s up a set of stairs near the entrance to the training grounds. Northwest corner of the big area that isn’t the cathedral.

However, the door doesn’t open, and it’s non-interactable.

Maybe it’ll be a thing in DLC, who knows.


I imagine more stuff will be unlocked with dlc to come.

Waves 1-3 of dlc add little things to the game. Quests, items, more of those pointless battles that aren’t for quests or items. That sort of thing.

Wave 4, near April I believe they said their timeline was? Will have new locations (this is vague, could mean battlegrounds, or actual go-to spots such as the sauna), along with the all-important story additions.