So Siegfried

So guys, in what order i should level the skills of Siegfried? Mine is at 6/5/6 for now and i want to level his skill because… yes

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Make sure you do his strengthening if you haven’t already.


Definitely s3, for maximum dragon carnage. If only using in 3T farming the others can stay. Otherwise what does he need more for you with how you play him: np gain or healing?


Dragon Slayer for the Anti Dragon damage and Buster up, Golden Rule so he can use Balmung more frequently and finally Disengage because it’s main component (debuff removal) works at level 1 anyway and the heal isn’t that impactful compared to the other two.


I usually not farm with him so i guess that NP gain

6/5/9 should be AOK. No need to lore third skill unless you face a specific damage issue, and just don’t raise the first two until later if you want.

Having the skill active 3/5 turns is worth the lore considers it’s basically his entire reason your going to field him. Let’s you use Atlas and have 6 turns of dragon slaying goodness too.

Level 9 is good enough for most things though.