So, Sigrun is pretty strong

Good Stats, but i never liked her in the games so she will collect dust in my box.

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I’ll say i’ll have fun playing with her

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I agree, she’s got good stats and no PRF is ok, that lance is good for EP but she’ll need some defense for making use of the lance, she’s a good flexibility in terms of building and better art than bridal version, giving her the +1 here!


Another favorite unit I would love to +10 but is locked behind grails and I am barely finishing my first grail project. Sigh.

I’m trying to compare her to my +Atk +1 Sumia but unit builder hasn’t updated Sigrun’s stats yet.


Pretty much any unit is garbo unless they can withstand your Alm

Ah. Thats fine I guess. So, kinda like a powercreeped Sumia in a sense.

Okay. I used the IV calculator for this.

This is the Sumia I am building.

Just add +5 HP and +3 Spd to her stats since she’llll be using the same set.

A +Atk Sumia seems to have better stats in everything but Res compared to Sigrun. However Sigrun is more F2P friendly and easily accessible (if you ignore the grail grinding).

The only real powercreept she does to Sumia is in Res, Sumia has 2 more Hp, 2 less Atk, 3 more Spd, 1 more Def, 9 less Res

Not even her spear interests me


Not entirely sure why you quoted something about her stats and then mention fodder.

Just confirming the bad status and that it’s no big deal.

I’m not using her because I’m not fan of flier and I don’t like her at all, I actually bench her in almost all my run.

And I’m starting to put all my grails in valter so no need for other lance flier

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We need that Cursed Lance refine


THIS :+1:

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She has less 2 spd than her alt
But her gimmick res stole all.
She can be distant counter user, however, flier unit.


With all the dragons running around, I’m sure her res will find use.

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Her stats look bad

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Yup, can’t agree more


Well her issue is she lacks a prf
Even tho she’s not lacking in a stat, imo a prf is more important

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Kinda true

Though I think this is the right way of having new units with high stats.
All the older units have refines, so it’s nice to have some new units that are more flexible in the weapon options.

And with many good weapons (vanguard comes to mind), Sigrun has a lot of options.