So that I don't forget

Im not gonna have access to any electronics from Sunday to Saturday. Im going on a trip with my church and that is one of the rules they have. (No, im not religious. I just dont want to disappoint my mom and I do have friends in the church.)

Honestly, im a little glad that its happening. Ive been feeling like complete and utter shit emotionally recently and I need a damn break.


Well hope you get better soon then my guy. Enjoy the trip!

Good luck with that.

Hope ya feel better.

We’ll cya then! Take care of yourself. We could all use a break every now and again. It’ll do ya some good, I’m sure.

Good luck dude! Do have a great trip!

We’ll be here to welcome you back!

Have fun with your trip, I hope you start feeling better soon. :catflower:

See ya, space cowboy


Have fun at your trip! We will await for your arrival!

Do take care of yourself…
Yourself and your feeling are always first.

I’ll be his space cowgirl


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I cant like all of you people being nice!!!

Seriously tho, thanks. You guys are all awesome.


Have a great time! :birbpeek:
Seems like it’s going to be an interesting trip.
Take care. :slight_smile:

Hope you have a nice trip^^

And yeah it’s good to take a break from time to time :slight_smile:

Alrighty peoples! Im gonna head off to bed soon. After that, I won’t be on until next Saturday very late at night.

Ill see ya’ll then!!!

Also, @Holdvar, if you would want to try a little practice run of the weekly unit build challenge, I’d be cool with that. If not, we can wait until I come back.

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Alright, I’ll try to parse out the rules and stuff and polish everything up, any maybe it’ll be ready