So, The shinies I want:


Shinies that I want:

Houndour, Totodile, Magikarp, Swablu, Ho-Oh, and Minun. Does anybody live close to me? That’s willing to trade any of these eventually? We’ll need to build up our friendship level first. I live in the QC(Moline IL) but I can travel a bit over the summer most likely. I would like to hear about this.


I have plenty of Totodile that I don’t need, only bad thing is that I live 6.5 hours away. Good luck in finding someone to trade though! Your best bet is a facebook group or discord to find people to trade with.


Didn’t you make another thread about this where it was stated you’re better off finding a Discord or Facebook page that’s actually focused in your area? Odds of finding anyone near you on a public forum like this are slim to none. I’m like 4 hours from the quad cities and I’m not about to make any part of that trek just for a Pokemon trade.

I’m not trying to sound like a dick or be antagonistic, I just don’t see the point in posting this here where the odds of finding someone to trade with are painfully low.


Yeah sure, but I don’t yet have Facebook, and I don’t see all the other players around here. It always seems like everybody waits until nighttime to play and kick other players asses outta the gyms!


Just make a facebook account. Also, another user said it would be a good idea to join the Quad Cities discord, they gave you the link you needed to type in as well. You’d be able to find people willing to trade in that discord for sure.


Okay. I have to get permission from my parents. I’m only a Freshman in High School. It’s sad that I’m a level 29er and I’ve only gotten 1 wild shiny and 1 event-related shiny (Non-Comm. Day). Sorry-3 event-related shinies (Non- Comm. Day). There are people that have every shiny you can register in the game. And here I am. Also, what if they add shiny Snover to the list? how about that this winter? Not a Community Day but just a release.


At the least tell/post that you are going to Go Fest, whether you are or not. Any number of prolific players in my city are going, they have Go Fest as their buddy’s name.


Hopefully you’re able to join the Quad Cities Discord, as you’ll have a much easier time organizing local trades there. Also, just as a FYI, be sure to include what you’d be willing to trade in exchange for the shinies you want when you post there. An unregistered shiny costs 40k stardust at Best Friends and 80k at Ultra Friends, so you’ll need to entice potential trade partners with something they’d want in exchange.

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