So... There's this new leak for version 0.167.0 and

It talks about Shadow Pokemon having a stronger Attack and Defense when you fight them and/or use them…


I just hope this modifier applies to only me, you and other players, because this boost makes even some of the tougher grunts, HELLA SCARY. At least the possible Shadow Egg looks cool. Also…

Spark’s suspicions were right. Team Rocket IS making eggs evil!

Well, it also says that purified Pokemon will deal more damage to Shadows, so that kinda counters the boost. If you have some usable Purified Pokemon, now‘s their time to shine!

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Well, my little (tall) girl is Purified

Her IVS are: 13/12/15

Edit, I downloaded something and I’m pretty close:


Protip: if you have the ingame appraisal on the screenshot, PokeGenie won‘t give you a range for IVs but the exact ones your Pokemon has.


I’m sorry! I’m new to this app, I don’t know what to do!!!

Shadow pokemon already have a huge boost. Shadow Snorlax is way stronger than a level 40 one, but not as strong as a raid boss. I think these new bonuses apply to players using shadow pokemon (whereas before they were awful because frustration does almost no damage, and players don’t see the huge power boost from shadow pokemon like the Rocket types do).

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No need to apologize, took me a bit to find out as well, and I‘ve ever since the beginning used PokeGenie. It is more accurate since the ingame appraisal is the way we have it now.

Frustration would still suck though. And buying a second Charge Move for a Shadow Pokemon is way too expensive to really consider it

I’ve never fought one, because I’m too scared to.

Shadow Snorlax is indeed scary. Fighting types don‘t do well against it, because Zen-Headbutt obliterates them, and Lick still does too much damage way to quickly for it to be any fun. I‘ve resorted to using my Smack Down Tyranitars for them, since Lick and Zen-Headbutt don‘t hurt them too much, and Tyranitar can easily smack it‘s way through Snorlax. Needs shields of course, but Smack Down/Stone Edge Tyranitar puts in a lot of work (against a lot of Grunts actually, and can come in handy against the bosses too, was for example also significant for Articuno and Moltres from Giovanni)

Okay, I was right: it was 13/12/15 on Tyranitar

I don’t know if you ever played Pokémon XD, but uh…that’s how that game worked

Shadow Moves were super effective against non shadow Pokémon, so there is a precedent. Just sit down and calm the f down, because we don’t know how it’s specifically going to be implemented

Stunlocking with Pokémon like flygon or Scizor is going to make these grunts even jokier than they already are when purified

Not all up in arms, but in PoGO, this is implemented by Shadow Snorlax having a CP around 10,000, not by having the shadow moves (which are from the pokemon’s normal moveset) become more effective.

But the idea that we’ll all have to develop a special group of purified pokemon to fight the shadow ones, well, that’s just peachy. So I can throw my level 40 maxed out stuff on the pile with the starters without the CD moves and GL/UL pokemon with too high of an attack.

It does make for an interesting dynamic, purified beats shadow beats normal, but do they really need to give us another thing to min/max?

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I do not know if creating a thrid group of pokemon is such a great idea… mostly for new(er) players.

If you started like last year you could join more senior players and take on almost anything (raids, gym batlles and so on). You could have done some PVP with your friends without to much investement. After some time you could grow to be the more senior player (you only needed to invest into PVE really) and you helped the newer “junior” players and so and so on…

But now if you trully want to play the game completely you need to invest in 3 domains
Shadow (wich up to now could easely be done with your PVE/Masterlegue Pokemon).

Wich newer player has the dust/candies to invest in those 3 domains, and even the more senior players (most?) have not saved up enough dust to max up all those Pokemon (provided that you find shadow Pokemon that are worth purifying).

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I think if anything the CP being that large was niantic not wanting to make the rocket stuff too easy, since it would give people a reason to go out, look for what beats what typings, and start making pokemon good for battles.

if we have the rocket grunts be around regular CP, no stat changes, that wouldn’t encourage people to learn about how battling works in trainer battles, or be more inclined to start learning about it, something that would make sense given GBL is a thing they likely had planned for some time, get people interested in battling early, and maybe making one or two pokemon for higher level battling before the format got here and no one had anything usable prepared, especially for things like masters where things are maxed out

Could it be the shadow being super effective thing? Maybe, but the stat changes weren’t specifically attack, it was all the stats were inflated, so you needed to give thought to what to use and what pokemon were good for battling in trainer battles. Yes things like PuP spam or other moves liek that for stunlocking worked on most battles, and a few other things make the system imperfect, but I dont think its specifically the type effectiveness, it felt like a soft introduction to PvP

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And who do you think knows about these things?
The newer players? No ofcourse notthey don’t even know about typings…
The people that play PoGo because they can play it when they walk around ? No ofcourse not they don’t want to be studying those things, no they want to walk around catch a pokemon while they walk and perhaps spin a stop or maybe even do a raid… but not sitting around playing the MSG and be learning about…

No the ones that really want to learn (and do understand) are those that also play the MSG/ watch the series, and have been doing so for some time.

Ofcourse this is a very black and white view, and I’m sure that there will be newer players wanting to learn, but Niantic also has to watch out if they change the mechanics to much that they don’t loose a large part of the active players. If Rocket grunts become to difficult for some some will no longer attempt to play them and perhaps stop playing altogether. I do not know if you can attract enough new players to balance out the potential loss if you make the game more challenging (more attractive gameplay to some others ofcourse)…

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And dont you think if a new players like this “huh, why cant I beat this grunt?” they’re just going to give up and not try to do anything to get better?

some people do play just to walk around, ill agree there, but not everyone

You didn’t read all I wrote did you :wink:

I did read that, hence

and after

more or less saying “no one wants to learn this game”

Just saying that in my opinion most people that play the game not hardcore are not willing to learn all that much.

They want the game to stay simple (and really like the shinies…). I’m not talking about the people here ofcourse I’m talking about that player in the street… but I could be completely wrong and I really do hope so for the game.