So these summer weapon effects might not refresh at all (Edit: they do.)


Edit: turns out they do refresh per phase. Yay and thank the lord.


Is it possible that might not have been the first encounter?

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If it was the first encounter the healing would’ve gone off.

maybe it only activates if you need to heal…?
(emphasis on maybe)

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Yeah but don’t the healing and during combat buffs only happen on the first encounter?


Mystic Boost would still heal if you’re at full hp.

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We were hoping the effect would refresh every new phase.

But it doesn’t seem to be the case.

So it’s not like S Drink huh?


But we don’t see the phase start. He might have been in combat before this encounter.


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I highly doubt that since Lorenz is the only player unit on the field.

But I suppose it is possible Smart End could be off and he used a Light’s Blessing.

S Drink heals even if ur at full HP but the difference between S Drink and Mystic is S Drink is at the start of a turn while Mystic is after combat.


I just thought he edited the video in the middle of a phase so that he can show off one encounter against Claude.

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I guess its a Turn 1 thing
Also it could probably not work since Lorenz was modded in early and the setup for it is different than usual battles


The unit himself, and all of the weapons already exist in the game.

The dataminers just access them.

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Then whatever it is Feh probably fâ– â– â– ed up
It’s what they get for making an unnecessarily specific weapon


So I magically free summoned an Ingrid trying for another Ferdinand.

I immediately went to test to see if the effect refreshes.

And it indeed does, thank god.