So this is a thing.....WHY DONT WE HAVE MORE?! (The Unofficial non-type moon collab thread)

So I just found this completely by accident

I get that its only an april fools joke, but man would it be amazing if we ever get an official collab!

So after much thought I have decided to turn this thread into a discussion/speculation thread on the subject of potential non-type moon collabs and how characters from said collabs could be implemented as playable servents

I do have one guideline id like to put here:
Whichever collab everyone decides to discuss has to consistent with both the lore of FGO and the property you choose (so no lore breaking collabs!)


if the first non-type moon collab was with thunderbolt fantasy I would not complain



Thunderbolt Fantasy is something I’ve been meaning to watch for ages. This looks :ok_hand:


I fully agree with this- I personally don’t mind FGO collabing with non-type moon properties as long as they make sense within their respective lores without contradicting one another- and thunderbolt fantasy is actually a perfect example of this

I could definitely picture Shāng Bù Huàn as a saber or Lǐn Xuě Yā as a caster

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This is some top tier april fools joke because the guy saber is fighting against is voiced by emiya and he had to treat her to a meal at the end :fgo_emiyasmile:

Seriously though I think collaboration with other non type moon IPs would be way more interesting than more fate spinoff collab, but then again they haven’t even collab with every fate spinoff yet :fgo_ozyferal:

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  1. I think Urobuchi was actually a writer for Thunderbolt Fantasy

  2. is it just me or do Saber’s clothes look too big, as a puppet

  3. …okay that was probably Robin’s VA, right? aside from Saber and EMIYA

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Unmistakably yes.

Also the villian is Zhongli from genshin according to the credits

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okay I see the characters for Zhong Li’s VA’s name (5:30), but I don’t see the characters for ‘Genshin Impact’

  1. its not that he was- he IS one of the head writer for the series
  2. All of their clothes are big- it’s meant to hide the puppeteers
  3. Yes it is- he’s also the VA for Keaya in genshin impact and Ewan in another eden

So I actually found out about a relatively recent interview where nasu said that he is against non-type moon collabs- but he did also say that only applies as long as the lostbelt arc is still going, and that once it’s complete then they can be a little more flexible about this- it’s not a gurentee but it does make me a little more optimistic about this

Also I found the behind the scenes video for the one I posted in the OP if anyone’s interested:

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