So this just happened somehow

Earlier today…

I checked to confirm the new banner would come with FB instead of TT and decided to spend more orbs on the weekly banner for Brave Ike and Brave Lucina merges and, well… my luck was still very much alive.

One more Ike and 3 more Lucinas quite quickly. This was probably my luckiest banner ever, only competing against the original Legendary banner.

I was not expecting this today. Now I need to feed her Fury 4. Worst-case scenario, Greil will be available for compilation, even if she wouldn’t take advantage of anything else from him.




Got my one B!Lucina and stopped pulling blues on that banner. I am not going to +10 her on purpose, and I do want to add more merges for B!Ike.

I have scored the archives for interesting builds for Lucina, but they mainly seem geared towards builds of fully merged units. I think the double guard setup seems they most useable for supporting both B!Ike and others