So thread for servants that are already strong but you want them buff either way

So i’m going to begin because the titule already explain everything, is just like the other buff threads that we have but for strong servants
Artoria (Saber) :
Charisma B -> Avalon : increase atk to all allies (3 turns) + get impenetrable defence (i think that’s the name of the new type of invul) (3 times, 3 turns) + get debuff immunity 3 turns + get buff remuval resistance 3 turns

So let’s begin, and the Okita fans are totally welcome here every time of the week


Probably the Jeanne sisters. Jeanne needs a skill upgrade fast. Like change her second skill to increase her NP gauge or gain. Something since her main selling point is her NP anyway.

And Jalter needs something to up her power since the newer Buster servants can do some crazy damage. Maybe something like Super Orion and Melt have that when she attacks, her attack increases each time. Since Jalter’s raise to fame is her highest attack so why not just focus on that


I think that a buff in her mana burst would be good, i wouldn’t remuve the demerit because is important part of her character but a stronger buff plus the things that she already have would be good, maybe a 50% buster crit damage up for the turn or something like that


More buff for EMIYA please DW!!!.. Connective Circuit become 3 turn buff and NP damage up on NP. 1st skill please change to invi + np gain up!!! 2nd skill please add star gather too!!


Mind’s eye (true) B -> Rho aiad: 1 turn invul + Def up 3 turns (20-30%) + NP strength 3 turns (20-30%)

Did you like my idea that i get thanks to your idea?

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Not quite on topic, but I would really appreciate a micro-update overhaul that increases all charisma-like skills from whatever range they are in 15-20% to at least 20% ATK up because now days we simply don’t have those silly 1.2 % differences. It wouldn’t affect much, but it would still be nice to keep things consistent and lightly help the older servants.


NP lopping with him and Castoria will broke the game XD which already broken

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I mean, his Art NP already recharge himself for the 50% Art of Emiya and the total of 30 hits, that is pretty broken and amazing

Ozy’s plenty strong but I want some of his skills buffed.

Maybe adding a secondary effect to his Charisma? Or adding NP damage.

And another selfish wish I have is Cu Alter’s BatCon buffed.


OG Nobbu needs an offense-type buff w/ Star Gen

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Even if this hurts me to say it, she don’t belong here, she isn’t strong enough to be in this thread :fgo_ereshdistress:

Depends on who is receiving her NP~

For already buffed servants… Medea needs more damage and additionally put an NP/Buff block on her NP

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Yeah, another NP strengthening for he NP would be good (and is posible now thanks to Emiya)

Arthur is a pretty good Critical Saber, but I just want his 3rd skill to be a bit better.

Giant Beast Hunt A -> King of Knight’s Order

Apply Special ATK [Giant Beast] to self (3 Turns) 50-100%
Apply Special ATK [Evil] to self (3 Turns) 30-50%
Increase own NP Gauge by 20%.

Beast trait is too dang limited, as well as a lot of beasts not even being a class that Arthur can really benefit the buff with compared to just bringing another servant with the advantageous class.

The battery is fine, but 3 turns effect for Evil or Beast would let him use it without being so tied to his Mana Burst since you rarely ever use the 3rd skill unless you’re about to NP since it’s 1 turn alongside Mana Burst. If they need to bring the cooldown up by 1, so be it. Let Arthur truly be the knight with the sword to repel evil.

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He is the best crit SSR Saber because Sigurd sucks and Altera don’t have a bigger star bomb more a crit up

What about Mordred?


Is hard to not crit with 30 stars but i accept my mistake, i forget that Mordred exist


I would honestly say Arthur’s better as a crit saber than Mordred, but only slightly.

Arthur giving more stars and 3 turn critical attacks compared to just 3 hits that Mordred has. Although her star gather skill is really useful.

Poor Kaiba is never getting a skill upgrade. At least he has that sweet costume.

I’ll go with Robin. We know he’s a fine 3 star archer as is, but an NP interlude to increase his base modifier would honestly be nice. I also want at least one of these effects to grace his kit:

  • A 20% battery - obviously allows instant Np with kscope and helps with subsequent NPs.

  • A star gather for 3 turns - this would help him a little with his lackluster damage outside of his NP. This could also help charge his NP when paired with his 3rd skill in the instance that his arts cards are up.

  • Debuff resist down - not really necessary, but a nice addition to pull of his poison shenanigans better.

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Artoria (Archer)
Beach House Protection EX -> EX+
(Remove demerit )
Add +100% crit dmg for 3 attacks.

Fifth Force A -> A+
(Reduce CD 6 to 5)
Add delayed effect, gain 10% NP charge with each hit (1 hit only every turn, last 3 turns)

I’d like to add Jeanne ruler but we’re talking about a whole skillset so she probably doesn’t count as “strong”.

If Yes ...

with Castoria out and true invincibility, she needs somethink new for hard defence.
I’d like to see her as a universal support tank, something like:

Skill A (Murasaki + Helena)
Increase Buff Removal Resist for all allies by 100% (1 time, 3 turns).
Increase Arts Card effectiveness for all allies (1 turn).
Increase Quick Card effectiveness for all allies (1 turn).
Increase Buster Card effectiveness for all allies (1 turn)

Skill B (Reines)
Increase DEF for all allies (3 turns).
Apply Damage Cut for all allies (3 turns).
Increase NP Gauge for all allies by 20%.

Skill C (Leonidas)
Apply Target Focus to self (1 turn).
Increase own NP Gain (3 turns).