So... Travant

today I woke up and said “F**k it, I’m building Travant” and though I have started on building him, I’ll have to get the final merges for Astram before merging Travant. I’m just min-maxing him as, even though his res is salvageable, I just wanna try having a solid defense wall. I want your thoughts on this build.
Also, I’m looking for a C-skill.


It’s a classic physical wall build.
I would put bonfire as a special because if you don’t have cd acceleration, he won’t proc ignis in every fights.
Or swapping to slaying lance for making ignis 3cd (so making it proc every fight Travant is doubled) : you’ll loose 7 def EP but you’ll gain 16 special dmg

Ground order/guidance C slot as a mixed team might be nice. Panic ploy too thanks to his high HP.

I would swap steady stance 3 for something a bit more offensive like atk/def bond but that’s just me!


Switching to a Slaying Lance would be a good idea, as he doesn’t really need the extra 7 Def all that much, but faster Ignis on the other hand are very appreciated.
Depending on how premium you wanna go, Threaten Atk/Def would be phenomenal on him. Other than that Atk Smoke is always a solid and budget choice for a tank
For the seal, Close Def is pretty much always better than Steady Stance, although Atk/Def Bond wouldn’t be bad either. Panic ploy works as well of course, given his great HP

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For C Skill, Atk Smoke is always a good choice for tanks. Def Smoke might up his damage output a little, so that’s worth mentioning too. As for that Seal slot, he already hits 59 Def without it, so it might be a better use of skill space in many cases to change that to something else. Deflect Magic would let him plausibly survive a mage attack, Fierce Stance would increase his Enemy Phase Atk stat to 56, which is decent, or something like Renewal would give him some sustain. Quickened Pulse could be used to reduce Ignis’ cooldown to 3, but of course it would only work for the first round of combat. (Edit: Ah, the others have mentioned Slaying Lance; it would be more economical to switch to slaying lance and keep steady stance than to use Quickened Pulse Seal. The other seals are fair game though)

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For his c-skill, I’d say just the tried-and-true atk smoke. Although, if you wanted to murder an Altina then atk/def oath could also work on him


Threaten/atk/pulse/panic smoke/Panic Ploy/movement skill

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