So Turtwig is now confirmed to be added to the Shadow Pokemon list

Oddish, Venonat, Psyduck, Growlithe, Abra, Larvitar and Hitmonchan have been added too.

I just faced a shadow Torterra and I was about to be so stoked to possibly rescue it and then…in the clouds bug/glitch

@orioncrystalice Woof! I would have been so frustrated

What exactly is that bug/glitch?

@amberkicksbutt as a matter of fact that is precisely what occurred.

@PokeprofJulian I’m unsure but I’ve seen it before…like a year ago. Instead of the usual catch screen you just see the sky graphics for Sunny weather and end up having to restart.

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Oh wait, I think I‘ve had this too on a few occasions. Not Rocket encounters, but I believe with a few raids and research encounters. But also a while back

I’ve had an issue with keeping a shadow pokemon once, but I believe that I may have had too many pokemon at one time :grimacing: It’s what I get for keeping duplicates

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