So, uh, what should I do?

Other than stop bitching about my luck

Those first two are from back-to-back trades.

:innocent: Please stop trading… I need your luck to come over here. :innocent:

Congrats on those :+1: :+1: :+1: and I hope today will bring you more of that kind of luck :wink:

You have to max out all 3 now. I really don’t see any other option

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Should I dedicate any of these to GL or UL?

I’m not sure where they rank, but the toxicroak is ready to experiment in GL. The perfect should be maxed out and take the other to UL if it maxes below 2500

Hundo Toxicroak is a beast in UL.

But it didn’t like A.Mewtwo much though.

A hundo Toxicroak max up (L40 only) at 2488CP.

Brutal against anything can’t outspeed it.

Keep the one where it is, raise the other two like the good children they are and put 'em in UL. Sounds like a plan. Poison moveset for the 100%, or Fighting moveset? I can give them all 2nd moves, what are the recommendations based on what you’re all seeing in the meta? I do not currently have a lineup for UL, it’s never been my thing.

Counter + Mud Bomb + Sludge Bomb.

Sludge Bomb is absolutely needed to threat Fairies, and some other mons that normally can farm you( Gyarados, Charizard, Dragonite). Dynamic Punch is nice, but with it you are helpless vs Giratina and generally Counter do enough job vs targets weak to. Additionally, Mud Bomb also hit those Steels SE and can threat Alolan Muk and its cheaper move, so you can bait shields.

To be honest, as a Toxi user( sadly, “only” lucky 98 without defense) i never seen other player using him.
Toxis worst matchups are A Mewtwo, Cresselia, Charizard. Giratina Altered, Dragonite and Gliscor( however, faced just one, but resist all moves :smiley: ) Most other are neutral, easy or lost after good fight.

" So, uh, what should I do?"

Move out of Mount Holly, NJ, or help your friend who lives there move out.

Why would either of us leave the area, when the punchfrogs are so plentiful and powerful? In all seriousness, Mount Holly has a nice line of stops and gyms along its tiny downtown. It’s a good place to go hunting for an hour or so. A lot of the greater area is suburban or more diffuse, making it a fruitful town to play in, pizza in one hand and phone in the other.

Edit: The legendary journey continues. I need a new title like 'Frog Master" or something. Or, “Mr. Calaveras”.