So uh, when exactly does lostbelt 3 drop?

This might sound like a dumb question but does anyone know when lostbelt 3 drops? I can’t find any articles or threads discussing this so I made this one. Thanks

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If we had an exact date, you would’ve seen it already.

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Yeah, I was expecting maintenance to happen tonight so it could be released tomorrow but I guess that’s not happening

I’m guessing some time after the pre-campaign is finished when all the Apples are given out so maybe this Tuesday/Wednesday?

Apparently, “Late November.” :upside_down_face:
That’s the most exact date we’ve got.

late november

my guess is maintenance for it will start the exact second the thanksgiving banner ends, for the usual 4 hours or so

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My guess is the 25th, but that’s just based on JP event gaps. But no, nothing official has been announced.

no way it’ll be the 25th, given there’s no maintenance gaps in the current banner schedule

Ya, it’s pretty much a wild guess. Same method got me the exact dates of the previous events months ahead, but thanksgiving definitely threw this one off. 1/2 AP does end 25th evening though. Either way, we should be no more than a week from getting it regardless.

Honestly appreciate someone asking. Obviously we don’t know for sure. But feels better than me just wondering that question allowed each day.

Hopefully sooner than later. Once the pre-story login bonus ends that would make sense. The re-run is done. Maybe they’ll wait for the re-run banner to end and then go? I’m ready for it to drop tomorrow so the sooner the better I say. But all one can do is wait.

Ok. So, JP server had a 4 days gap between pre-release campaign start (23th Nov) and LB3 coming live (27th Nov). By that logic, with our pre-release starting at 18th, LB3 should drop today. But there is no info on maintenance. Plus Thanksgiving banners are till 29th. And I think, that devs wouldn’t shoot themselves in the leg (more that they have already done) by cutting those banners with maint, so…

29-30th November still counts as “late November”

if they had maintenance planned mid-banner, we’d already know about it, per the banner schedule

since they did this before. where a banner schedule had a gap in it that people were able to figure out the maintenance and planned new content drop time from, yet the actual maintenance wasn’t announced until midway into the banner

tl;dr, if the shown schedule doesn’t indicate maintenance, then no maintenance is planned

Personnaly I do hope it is next week. Like that I’ll be able to farm door with the 1/2 ap cost peacefully

Personally I hope it’s next thursday, or wednesday night according to server time. A new LB to celebrate the end of my finals is a good way to relax

They have announced the release to be the 26th! After the 1/2 AP daily periods.


Damn, you were close.


Forgot to take into account they usually have a few hours gap after event to reset their servers. Was honestly thinking it was after they were done with the 1/2 AP daily event on the 25th at 19:59.

Just gonna put my bet now on Quetzmas starting on December 16th morning at this rate. Mark your calendar! :fgo_quetzsmile:

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I think we can all agree this thread is the reason for the current maintenance until TBD! :fgo_ishtar_eagerfool:

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I thought it was Ishtar causing maintenance two years in a row


I can confirm it was Ishtar’s fault.