So, uhh, Auto Start in TT is a bit...Just a wee bit P2W

So, here I am writing out something I hope wasn’t the case. PS, it is.

The Auto Start feature is clearly an advantage, and why do I say this?

I’ve barely played FEH. Like, actually sat down to play and manually do stuff this TT. Out of curiosity, doing it all on the hardest red difficulty with a new, unoptimized team. Farming for HM as well.

With minimal effort in these 3 days, like doing this maybe twice a day. I’m at freaking 45k points. I should hit 50K soon as well, if this last run is anything to go by. To make matters worse, I’m at top 10k without any effort at all. Do you understand how freaking insane that is? The top 10k is something that usually takes a helluva lot of effort to acquire by most players. Its what whales used to dominate. Hell, you had to grind TT a lot to stay in 10k.

I’m freaking in there without any effort. At all! I didn’t expect this to be so, useful? Is the word I want to say. But busted is more precise. Like, the fact that I can just collect all of this stuff without actually playing feels. Weird. I don’t hate it, but the fact that I have this distinct speed advantage for scoring is so damn annoying. It feels cheap as hell even though I honestly didn’t care initially.

Aghhhh :feh_sharenacry:


We talked about this here

Feh Pass trivializes grinding. I’m at 60k and I’ve barely tried


I mean you could do this without the pass too though. The pass just makes it quicker and more convenient.

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Oh my. A QoL feature that was locked behind a pay wall makes it more convenient for you not to play the game compared to everyone else that didn’t pay and actually has to grind with more button pressed.

Who knew.


I see that your salt has yet to cease in the last few days. Good to know I haven’t missed much in my absence due to life.


Not really salty, just thought that this wouldn’t have been so surprising.


Oh yeah for sure, I did it as well. That’s why I’m surprised. I know how difficult it is to grind in FEH TT sometimes. Since I’ve been doing FGO (Valentines event is ■■■■■■■ annoying for grinding), I’ve run Auto Start instead. It does so much work for the smallest amount of effort.

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Well, its not that it was surprising.

I guess you could say that I was hoping it wouldn’t be this prevalently insane. Like, I suppose somebody running the hardest difficulties can’t really use auto start unless they have full +10 units. But the point is, I expected this to not be as insane as it currently it.

I just hope IS makes this F2P. At least for fairness’s sake. Not gamebreaking, but annoying enough that it makes me feel like its kinda horseshit.

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Why would they? This was one of the features that they advertised as being in their pack. If they made that F2P then, for a lot of people, what was the point of buying the pack?

It should definitely be made f2p, like a good chunk of the pass. But this is also just TT, which isn’t a competitive mode. I don’t really see the big deal here.



Eh, not competitive, but you’re gaining rewards for literally no effort at all which can be, and is, very unfair to the people that actually play the game.

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Again, everyone can auto battle on lower difficulties. This just makes it quicker and more convenient. I wouldn’t consider the few buttons you need to press to start an auto battle run enough “effort” for this to be a big deal.

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The same shit people buy in other gaccha’s. Skins.

If you’ve played Azur Lane, Granblue, etc. Some of those games have skins you can buy. The skins alone here and the quests from the monthly stuff would entice a lot of players. The QoL stuff is just overkill, and bullshit.

Really? You can leave your phone on and not even look at it and gain rewards, meanwhile others have to baby sit their phone for somewhat the same effect.

I’d consider that a pretty big change to be honest, especially to people that are really busy.


I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t really care about the skins. They’re alright, just kinda whatever to me. Until Eirika gets one anyways

He’s not wrong, to be honest. You can literally just hit auto battle. It requires barely any amount of time, just paying attention. What this does for you is mostly just hit the button for you (a second or two less delay), and starts the map for you (5-10 second delay depending on your speed for starting maps)

So, not a huge difference. So, with 12 being the most I’ve seen run in a map, I’d imagine that the most you’d get in benefit for time saving would be anywhere from 1-2 minutes in effortless time

Fixed typo

Yes, because checking it every couple of minutes is so difficult.

There’s no doubt that people bought the pack for the skins, but not everyone did, which is my point.

If people bought the pack for the QoL content, then they’d get shafted because IS would just take it out of the pack and make it F2P.

At most you are losing thousands feathers, we receive plenty of them. I wouldn’t consider this P2W, most people can beat TT with any problem.