So uhh Duo Alfonse is actually pretty broken

So I normally don’t say stuff like that. The words “overpowered” and “broken” are thrown around way too often, and I usually disagree. All of these “broken” characters tend to die some random low tier/f2p character no one used(Surtr dies to Alfonse, W!Sothis dies to Selena, L!Alm/L!Celica die to Fjorm, etc.)
But duo Alfonse… This is a different beast altogether.
Allow me to show you something-

Against W!Sothis


Against L!Alm


Against a neutral IV L!Celica


Note: if L!Celica is +Atk or Duo Alfonse doesn’t have distant def, Celica wins just fine. Surtr can bait Alfonse out IF Alfonse attacks first. If Surtr goes first, Surtr dies. And in L!Alm’s case, that was a +10, +Atk L!Alm with double SS and he still lost.

So where are the consistent Duo Alfonse counters? Yes I know triangle adept greens, but I’m referring to units who can also serve a more general purpose on the team. Also, I’m referring to beating a defense team Alfonse. While I’m aware the AI can’t use his button to charge his special, infantry pulse does exist and it isn’t hard to precharge a 2 CD special. What could be used consistently to shut him down?


Pulse Smoke seems to be the way to go, as with all teams that use precharged specials.

And people already regularly use B-Ike on AR offense and that guy almost never dies as is, plus has color advantage against Alfie.


Aren’t Green mages like Micaiah or Yune fairly used for countering Blues, and debuffing?
I did this a few times in AR against Alfs, Ophelias, and Reinhardts.

Also, yes. DuFonse is p solid and I loved 'em as soon as I got 'em. c:


Melancholy Staff and Witchy Wand do a bang-up job of stalling him into special countdown limbo.


I forgot about pulse smoke(mostly cuz I don’t have lol). But yeah hit one of his teammates and pulse smoke would nerf him into the dirt

Yeah I’ve been using him in Arena the past couple weeks… Forget him killing most enemies, he hardly even takes damage most of the time

@Libra_Elementia ok B!Micaiah and Yune can both counter him fairly well. My main account doesn’t have B!Micaiah but Yune is gonna be on banner pretty soon so I should be able to get her

I hadn’t even considered using him on defense tbh, but he would still be good on it. Sturdy Impact + sturdy blow Fonse would do ridiculous damage and be very tough to one shot at the same time. He can even one shot a Brave Micaiah or Yune if he initiates.

I put pulse smoke on Fonse, he uses it extremely well as a supertank and can apply it very easily as ranged. The list of enemies/teams he can’t deal with gets even smaller.


Or you could just…have him attack you and take him out on enemy phase.

@Kepic_Z_R every unit that I just showed, he OHKO’s. His skills don’t depend on either phase. And I pointed out Surtr could bait him IF Duo Alfonse initiates. I’m not opposed to trying to bait Duo Alfonse, but finding something that can isn’t fun.
That said, there have been a few units suggested in this thread who can do just that(Yune in particular will be on banner again very soon)

thats an understatement lol

probably top 3 in the game

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This is why the Res stat exists

Except you wouldn’t use Yune on an offense team

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I’m gonna be honest, I consider him the strongest Duo hero in the game overall.

But the others have some :feh_disgusting: stuff as well that he can’t do.

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@TMFM forgot that. Who would you suggest then for offense? I don’t have B!Micaiah

@Kepic_Z_R right because its easy taking a bonfire to the face every time you go within 10 feet of a unit(which also heals them), who has nearly 40 on each defensive stat, and without being able to follow-up attack them

@Banraku the beauty’s in the simplicity. Hector might have the sinmara button, but Alfonse wrecks shop without his infantry pulse button
Hector has the best gimmick, Alfonse is the best unit


Saizo in Light

For Astra, I’d come up with a different method of fighting than trying to tank. Can B!Ike do it?

Also this is just what I would do. I haven’t actually encountered duo Alfonse yet

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@TMFM so far people don’t seem to be picking up on him in AR. I’ve only come across him once and was fortunate enough for him to not be on an IP team. I don’t know about B!Ike because I can’t do any of the null-c or B!Lucina or close call/phantom spd shenanigans with him yet.

Ophelia exists so that’s understandable. If you can deal with her, Alfonse shouldn’t be too much different

Well except from the forced undouble

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