So waddaido with all these flavor drop CEs?

I’m sure this question has been asked and answered, so I’m sorry for bringing it up again, but I’m going to end up with 90+ flavor drop CEs, and I’m wondering if there’s any reason not to feed them/burn them when the event is over. Also, does anyone know if they’re worth more as leveling up cards, or QP?

You get 30k if you use them to level other CE’s so you should keep a few you like and use the rest for leveling.
My inventory is also full atm, waiting until late Feb - early March when the 12M downloads banner hits and we get better rates on great/super success when leveling.

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Keep them in the 2nd archive for collection until next year, at least that’s what i’m doing but if you have space problems just keep your favorites and feed the others.


That sounds like a good plan. Thanks.

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90+ flavor drop ces?

holy hell, how much did you farm and how much luck did you have to get that many rainbow chest drops?

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I’m talking about the CEs you get from surprise chocolates. You’ll get enough for every servant, plus probably a few extra just climbing the chocolate ladder normally. They’re technically 4 star, maxed out CEs, but there’s not much to do with them after the event.

I’ll probably just liquidate all of them once the next 2x success event hits. Saving 5 of them for a boost at the very start of the next event doesn’t make sense to me when I’m going to clear it and the shop before it finishes, early bonus or no. No need to rush.

You can let them float in your Present Box without consuming storage. That’s what I did for 364 days…

It irritates me to have that much stuff sitting around in the box past the event, and there should be a success rate up event soon, anyway. No point in hoarding them since we’ll have to get rid of them all in order to unlock the voiced cutscenes next year.

Agreed, I am pretty sure I redeemed most of them. Only had about 20 leftover in my box. But it makes things more efficient. Feed them 20 at a time without taking up space.

I’m just making CE bombs with them.

Don’t have the present box or inventory space to hold on to them.

Plus, I want to get BG and Kscope to 100 like yesterday :fgo_bbgrin:

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It’s horribly decadent, but I’m making a second lvl 100 BG for my support list and for my stranger party comps.

After that I think scope needs the treatment. Been lazy there, but it might make a difference someday; who knows?

A lot of my servants will he stick at NP1 and NP2, so the leveled scope and BG makes a big difference.

You’re entering meme territory and I am so proud :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Question, what do I do with the CE’s from Mash? They aren’t from the store, does she get anything new or will I just hold onto them?

I’m making bombs to get my HNS to 100. I also have the 5* from the 2018 xmas event? mlb, 2 of them. Those are my No.1 CE’s for Jack and Okita, so I want them leveled too.
And I could never let em sit in my mail. The red dot alone would drive me insane.

That’s what Second Archive is for. All the Valentine’s CEs, the CEs you pick one out of many for the artwork, the story-based CEs and the New Years CEs that do basically nothing but have good artwork.

I think (though am not 100% positive) that every CE you’ve ever gotten is viewable in your “My Room” Spirit Origin list (not the one in the Formation section). Thus, if it’s only artwork you want and never will actually use the card, you can still always view it. So keeping the CE isn’t required.

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Exactly. No point in clogging your inventory with pretty CEs you will never use when you can view any CE you’ve ever had whenever you like.

Unless you want to put it on your support list to flex, or something.

That’s true, though with it in second archive it’s not really taking up space. Though if there are space issues I can clear some out. And sometimes the Valentine’s CEs are useful in events. In this one they got outclassed pretty quickly by the shop CEs, but maybe next one they’ll be useful.